Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shhh. Baby sleeping.

We had a really good night last night. Morgan Kate got some much needed rest and so did Mommy and Daddy. Travis and I are slowly learning what her cries mean and how to help her. It has taken a little bit of detective work, as well as trial and error, but we are learning. We may have this whole thing down pat by the time she leaves for college. Ha! Right now she is napping. Shhh.

Morgan Kate is also eating some better. She still likes to put up a fight with her Mommy, but she is a "bottle pro" when she's working for her Daddy. This morning I literally called Travis into the bedroom, handed over Morgan Kate, and asked him to show me what he does to get her to do so well. Thankfully he was able to give me some pointers. Hee, hee. 

I realize that I may have seemed somewhat negative lately. When you have looked at the same four walls for days, are going on two hours of sleep, have a baby that won't stop crying, and monitors that are constantly alarming it gets to be quite overwhelming. Throw in some hospital bills and other medical expenses, especially in this economy and things really start to get to you. These last few weeks have been so hard. Really. Nothing I could have ever prepared for. It didn't matter what advice I was given or books that I read - NOTHING helped prepare me. At times I am sure it seems that all I do is complain or I even seem to exaggerate about how things are going. But I promise it's all been the truth. It has been a quite a battle getting her to eat and sleep, but like I said, I think we are figuring it out. I think. And hopefully things are starting to get better. Not to mention that warmer days are even closer and we will FINALLY be able to get out a little.


THE SPIVEY"S said...

No one knows what you are going through except for you, Travis and Morgan Kate. We are all here for you and here to keep you in a positive state of mind. Remember what a blessing you have even when things go sour. When things are going rough with Christian, I just have to look at him and remember how much I love him and what a blessing he is. I know you know that but sometimes it helps to have a reminder. You are doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

I wish there was something we could tell you that would be the answer to each and every situation that you come across with little Morgan Kate, but she is her own person and personality. You have already discovered that each cry is for some different need...people told us that with Megan and we didn't believe that there were different "cries", but there are. Keep strong and we are constantly thinking of you.

Keith, Melinda, and Megan

Hollie Heming said...

Heather, You have a right to feel overwhelmed. When people tell you how hard parenthood is, it's hard to comprehend until you're right in the thick of it, but I KNOW you and Travis are doing a FANTASTIC job! Morgan Kate is a lucky girl and I know you feel so lucky too. It's okay to cry, scream, throw a big fit :), or whatever you need to do to release the frustration. Just go in your room alone, close the door, and let it all out! Trust me, you'll feel better :). You are so strong and I am praying for you always. Keep your chin up. This is temporary...Love you! Call if you need me.

Justin and Jessica Jones said...

Hey Girl,
So glad to hear that there seems to be a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel for you today. I am doing a Bible study at church and learning about Esther. A lot of the focus has been on learning how providential God is in our lives and how He uses both the good and tough times for His glory. You and Travis have really been an inspiration to so many people since this all began in August. And, Morgan Kate is truly a fighter if there ever was one and an example of answered prayer in so many ways. We don't always get answers to the "why" part when tough circumstances come to us, but as believers we do have comfort in knowing that God is working all things for our good and that His plan is far greater than we can imagine. I cannot even begin to imagine what an amazing future Morgan Kate will have with parents that have such strong faith and such a strong will herself. I am praying for you, and I love you dearly. Please let me know if you need anything. We are here for you and want to help...we miss you!

Wendy S said...

Anybody who ever said this was going to be easy....Lied!!! You are doing a fantastic job and you are an amazing woman. It takes a real mom to admit they don't know all the answers and a real woman to share your feelings.
IF you think of anything that I can do for you, please let me.
I do promise that one day, you will not be able to remember all the tough times. You will only remember the love and joy that has come into your life.
Keep your chin up!!!!
Love, Wendy S

Terry Sowell said...

Heather, I always feel like your posts are positive. You have handled all of this beautifully. God's grace is enough, and He will see you through this. Trust me, there is always something to figure out with a child. I am still trying to figure out how to meet my children's needs. Everything about Morgan Kate is a miracle. Focus on all those blessings! We love you! Aunt Terry

Anonymous said...

Parenting is sometimes challenging (and you & Travis certainly started off having to meet challenges right off the bat) but but is one of the greatest rewards God blesses us with. Your love and devotion to Morgan Kate has been the ultimate! God is seeing you through each day. He loves us all so very much and knows our every need before we ask. We don't understand all that happens...but one day we will and the puzzle will fit together. Just know that God has BIG plans for you, Travis and Morgan Kate! May your blessings be overflowing today! Love you, Phala

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
Being a parent is never easy, but those little smiles and arms that reach out for you to hold them, make everything all worthwild. I'm pretty sure I gave you a box of "Baby Bliss or GripeWater(the name changed).. Ask your MD, but most of my moms find it does much better than MYLICON. It might be worth a try..
Love Ya, Aunt Rhonda

Anonymous said...

You and Travis are strong and of good courage. Faith cometh by hearing and hearing and hearing. Faith is those things that are not seen. I know it is overwhelming at times but look how far you have come. God will always be there. He will never leave you, Travis or Morgan Kate. You have all of us who leave comments rooting and in your cheering section and praying for you each day. God quickens to my spirit and to my heart you, Travis and Morgan Kate each day several times a day and I stop and say a big prayer for all of you. You, Travis and Morgan Kate are very special and do not let circumstances get you down. I know it is overwhelming at times but it will get better, I promise. No parent knows everything about their children at once. I wish I could take all your circumstances away and have the answer for everything for you guys, but each child no matter how many children you have is different and each have their own personality. Do not be dismayed because you have the strength of all of the Women of Valor in the Bible put together. We love you, Travis and Morgan Kate sooooo much. If I can do anything for you. Please call. Love,
Aunt Jan