Monday, January 19, 2009

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Last night didn't bring as much sleep as the night before, but we are hanging in there. Luckily we didn't have anywhere to go today so we all slept in. So, so nice. It was 4pm before I even took a shower. 

Tonight we are trying a "bedtime routine". We will see how this all works out. My plan is to stick to this for the next few days, hopefully longer, to see if it helps create some sort of routine/schedule.

We have two appointments this week. Wednesday we will venture out to the pediatrician's office and Friday we are going back to the pulmonologist, Dr.B. Last time we were there Dr. B put Morgan Kate on an inhaled steroid. After about three days we had to stop the steroid because Morgan Kate was refusing to eat. Once we stopped things started improving feeding wise. Not sure what Dr. B will suggest this time. For the past two weeks her oxygen has been on 1/64th of a liter and she has done great. I am hoping and praying that Dr. B suggests taking her off during the day and just having it on at night. 

I will try and post some new pics tomorrow. Maybe some will even include snow. You know, the whole inch and a half we are supposed to get. 


Terry Sowell said...

Hey Heather! I hope you do get to see some snow. It is SO cold here, and you know how cold natured I am. I am SO glad Morgan doesn't play an outside sport right now. Glad you had a day to relax. Take care and remember we love you! Aunt Terry

amanda pyle said...

Glad to hear that you guys are getting SOME sleep. We are saying lots of prayers for MK's doctor visits this week...really hoping she'll get to come off of the oxygen some! Give her kisses for me. I think it's about time for another peek in the window!

Kelly Lee said...

Hope the bedtime routine is going well. Praying that she has good check-ups this week at her doctor appointments. Bundle's cold. Did she see snow today?? Hope the 3 of you are having a great week. Think about you all the time. With love and prayers, Kelly

Anonymous said...

It was cold here today. We got to see snow but not enough to stick to the ground. Hope and praying that your routine for nighty nite time helps. Praying that Morgan Kate's appointments go well and she is able to come off her O2 some. Give her lots of hugs and kisses from Aunt Jan and MaMa. We send hugs and kisses to you and Travis too. Until we see you again. Love Aunt J