Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sleeping and eating.

For those of you who know me well you know that I love to eat and even more, I love to sleep. I don't really have any favorite foods. I mean of course I love anything Asian, I could eat jars full of pickles, and spaghetti makes me smile, but I really just like anything that pertains to food. And sleeping. Wow! I could sleep for days. There is nothing better than curling up in bed or on the couch and sleeping for hours. 

I was hoping that since my daughter looks nothing like me she would at least take on some of my interests/hobbies/etc. I guess I was hoping she too would like to sleep and eat. However, as each day passes I realize that she doesn't like to eat and she could really care less about sleep. I was always under the impression that babies loved sleeping and eating, but I am quickly learning that this baby isn't like most babies. 

On most days Morgan Kate naps occasionally, but only for about thirty minutes at a time. And at night? Huh! She doesn't sleep at all. I am convinced that she is nocturnal. Now I have tried numerous "strategies" and "tricks" to get her to sleep at night, but so far it hasn't helped. And my favorite is the "just let her cry until she falls asleep". Well you see, when your child is on oxygen and hooked up to various monitors you can't just let them cry. She starts crying, she gets worked up, breathing becomes more difficult, alarms start going off. Not pretty. 

Food doesn't interest her at all. I vividly remember being about ten years old and my youngest brother, Kyle, was just a baby. He would wake up in the morning crying and the only thing he wanted was a bottle. I would sit in this green rocking chair by the window with lullabies playing in the background and he would tear a bottle up. If I took the bottle away just to burp him he became angry. Morgan Kate. She gets angry if I try to put the bottle in her mouth. She loves for me to burp her because she then gets a break from the bottle. She doesn't wake up crying for a bottle, she doesn't suck it down really quickly. Each time we feed her it's like we are force feeding her. 

However, today has been quite different. I would even use the term angelic. Morgan Kate has done much better with her bottles. Of course she still doesn't cry for them, but she is at least taking them and I am only having to fight half of the time. And sleeping? She has taken two really good naps today. According to Babywise she should eat, be awake and then sleep. (Too bad Babywise doesn't have a book about infants with monitors, or infants who don't care about "clock feeding" or "demand feeding, or infants with oxygen.) Today she has seemed to follow that pattern and it has been so very nice. She has taken her bottles, been awake and active and then napped for about an hour and half each time. I have been able to wash dishes, do the laundry, make some much needed phone calls and even shut my eyes for a minute or two. 

Today has been awesome! I pray that we have more of these days. Days where things run smoothly and feel normal. Days where everyone is happy and semi-rested. Angelic it is! 

We are heading to the pediatrician first thing tomorrow morning for our weekly visit and we are seeing the GI doctor Thursday. Hopefully, the GI doctor can give us some good info.  


Anonymous said...

Motherhood is NEVER a dull moment!! But as you know, it is a gift from God. I hope all goes well at Dr. G in the morning.
Keep that smile on your face....one day, she will sleep.

Lots of love,
Wendy S.

Kelly Lee said...

Wow Heather, never a dull moment uh! You and Trav are in my prayers and I'm always thinking about you guys. I wish there was more I could do to help you. I pray tomorrow's appointment will go well and she'll continue to have more days like today. Get you a nap when she's napping:) I heard Darius Rucker's song on the way home tonight and thought of you guys, I still remember Trav having you, Un. L and me listen to that in the hosiptal. You're doing such a wonderful job! Love you bunches, Kelly

Hollie Heming said...

I AM SO HAPPY! I've thought about you all day wondering how it was going. I do hope with each day things get easier and in time, "normal"-whatever that means :). I will pray for another good day tomorrow. Happy baby = happy mama! I love you!!!!!!!

Terry Sowell said...

Praise the Lord for an awesome day! We love you all! Aunt Terry

Anonymous said...

Every time I read your blog I am reminded of what a writer you are!!! I am going to have to use it for craft lessons. In all of your spare time, ha,ha, you should think about writing a book!
Danielle H

Anonymous said...

As I write- I am thinking of things you posted: "my child looks nothing like me" - if you look hard enough I am sure she has your big toe?
And what really makes me pop a belly laugh is "that boy could tear a bottle up"- that just sounds like some straight out of Orangeburg talk I almost even heard your voice when reading..
and - I am sure babywise tells you- when they sleep- you sleep so what in the HECK are you doing laundry and phone calls for?
lastly: "she is no normal child" now THAT is for SURE! This girl certainly has her momma's roots!!
She is a fighter and has a mind of her own. She has an unbreakable spirit which in itself IS Angelic- and I am loving IT!
Luke 1:80
The child grew and became strong in spirit.
She IS her MOTHERS child.
love Chi