Saturday, February 28, 2009

Morgan Kate is a celebrity. Well, not really. But her sweet little face can be found on a certain website, other than mine. 

When looking for birth announcements I wanted an announcement where I could include her birth stats, as well as her homecoming stats. I happen to think both dates are extremely important. You would be surprised how few places are able/willing to do that. I searched and searched and then came across a website - - and fell in love. They have numerous designs and the best part is that you can help with the design. You get to choose the font, colors, etc. And another great part is that you can change your mind many, many times. I told them what I wanted and they emailed me a proof. I changed a few things, emailed them back and in return I got another proof. We went back and forth several times until I was completely happy. They were amazing to work with! This was our final product:

Needless to say I was very pleased. Not only did I get the announcements I ordered, but I also got a complimentary 8x10 and two wallet size prints. How awesome!

Anywho, about a week ago I received an email from the lovely people at and they wanted to know if they could post our announcement on their website. They said they really liked how it turned out and it was one of their favorites. Now, they may tell everyone this, I don't know. However, I was thrilled and of course gave them the okay to do so. So, click on this link and take a peek. My only beef with is that they titled the announcement "Morgan" and not "Morgan Kate". Double name everyone, double name. Oh, and I should also tell you that they don't just do birth announcements. They also do Christmas cards, birthday invites, etc. 


Elizabeth Graham said...

Wow they did an amazing job!! Im so glad that you posted this. I was looking into places to get Noah and Juliana's birthday party announcements from (several months early, thats just me!) and I may go with this site. Looks great!

Kelly Lee said...

You have endless talents!! Hope ya'll are having a great weekend. Do you think Morgan Kate will see snow again? Love, Kelly

Terry Sowell said...

Hey! Don't let your Uncle Baxter know Lola is snuggling up with Morgan Kate. He has been worried about that since the beginning. Of course, he was so sweet to take Lilly Belle out this morning at 5:30 to potty :). We are hoping to get a glimpse of snow today. We NEVER see it here. We had a great celebration for B's birthday with crab legs and shrimp. You would have loved it. Love, Aunt Terry

Jan Kessler said...

So sorry to hear your Mom is not feeling well. I follow her blog and have not figured out how to leave a comment. Said some prayers for her and hope she will be well soon to get back to help with Morgan Kate. Wish I could have taken her place with Morgan Kate so you and Travis could go to your appointment. How is the little precious celebrity. Caqnnot wait to see her, You and Travis. Upstate Georgia already has 4inches of snow. Love you, Travis and Morgan Kate.

Aunt Jan

monica said...

Hey my friend,
Ok, I have started a blog.....ha ha ha. I am not sure what I am doing nor what I am going to write. The only thing that I have written is a hello and stay tuned for more. No pictures, no nothing. I would love to know how you got all of those really cute backgrounds because mine is not so cute! We will have to talk. See how you inspire me? Love reading your blog and seeing what all is happening in your world these days. Take care. Much love,

Devon said...

i LOVE it! so beautiful....

wish i had known about that for my daughter...bummer.

yeah on being a celebrity!

Anonymous said...

Heather, what a wonderful tribute to all three of us---Mammie, kaky, and me. Thanks, pretty girl/

You will always be the love of my life with little angel baby right behind!!

NACAPENDA always, mj
Wed. night ll p.m.