Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My baby's got her blue jeans on. 
Morgan Kate typically just wears little "snap up" outfits everyday. I mean when you can't go anywhere - why dress up? I certainly don't. However, today we had an appointment and I thought it would be an ideal time to get all dressed up. Just in case you are wondering, I consider jeans and a cute top to be dressy. She was too stinkin' cute in this outfit. Travis couldn't get over how precious she was!

Today we had an appointment with Dr. G, our pediatrician. We hadn't been in two weeks. That is the longest we have ever gone so I think I was having withdrawals. We used to go like three times in one week. It's not that I love going to the doctor because I don't. I just like to make sure everything is alright with my girl. And it was. Matter of fact, we had a great visit and we don't have to go back until April. That's right. April 7th. Whoah! That is four weeks away. I may have to just drop by and at least weigh her in between that time. 

So, as I was saying our appointment went very well. Since our last visit Morgan Kate had gained nine ounces. She nows weighs 11 pounds and 1 ounce. Watch out! Dr. G also said that we could drop a night time feeding and see how long she would sleep. Scary! I'm not sure we even know how to do that. We have never been able to let her tell us when she was hungry. We've just always fed her either every three hours or four hours because she is a preemie and needs the calories. We even set our alarms at night to wake us up at the exact time. I'm quite anxious to see how long she will sleep, but also super nervous. We have a great schedule and we have worked hard to keep it. I certainly don't want to stir things up. However, Travis and I have both agreed that if it doesn't work out or she isn't eating enough then we will go back to our little schedule. 

Morgan Kate also had to get some of her six month immunizations. Poor baby! She did great and only cried for a few minutes, but it still broke my heart. I hate to see her upset or in pain. I quickly scooped her up and loved on her. My favorite thing to do!

Another one of my favorite things is sharing pics of my little one with all of you. Enjoy!

Hanging out in my bumbo chair. 

Sleeping in my favorite place - my mommy's arms.

Are these not the absolute cutest shoes? Thanks Hollie!

Smile! Not too much longer before I can break out of this place.

In this picture Morgan Kate has kicked off her shoe and her sock. Later I found her chewing on her sock. Yummy!

The "Girls" Napping
Please disregard my hair!

Daddy and Morgan Kate having a funny conversation, or so she thinks.

Doesn't my little baby girl look all grown up? 

We only have two more doctor appointments during the month of March. I can hardly believe it! I am so glad that things are finally settling down and slowing down. We have an appointment with the pulmonologist and the eye doctor. Both appointments are on March 17th. The appointment with the pulmonologist is for her last RSV injection of the season. Yahoo! Her eye appointment is with a pediatric eye doctor who will monitor her eyes until she is three or so. Currently her eyes are great and there are no concerns. He will just routinely check to make sure things are going smoothly. 


Kathy Hardison said...

Love the pics!!! I miss her so much. Started to call you - company in the back yard :)

wendy s said...

She is so darn cute!!! I am so glad things continue to go well. You deserve to 'slow down' a little.

big hug for you and MK
Wendy S

Kelly Lee said...

Thanks for the WONDERFUL update! And yes she is too stinkin' cute!!! Give her hugs and kisses. Love you guys, Kelly

Anonymous said...

Those are the cutest pictures ever! They just make me smile. I can't wait to see her in person soon. So glad to hear things are going well for all of you!


Hollie Heming said...

WOW! She is really coming along. She looks like a baby now and no longer an infant. Will hit that point a few weeks ago and it made me so sad. Don't worry about the "schedule". She'll let you know when what you're doing isn't working. haha! I have also been nervous at times when we dropped feedings or changed how many ounces Will was getting. But it gets easier every time and she will adjust quicker than you think! Love you.

Liz and Tony Mitchum said...

Love the pictures! She is precious! I can't wait to meet her.

Anonymous said...

Making progress!!! So absolutely adorable in her blue jeans outfit :) Love ya'll, Lyn & Phala

Shery Pyle said...

Such good news to hear how great she is doing!!!
She is so adorable. Love the pictures!!!
Her smile is awesome, you can tell she is a happy girl.

Jan Kessler said...

She is absolutely Adorable. Baby loves her blue jeans on. Good Reports. Lots of Prayers. You and Travis are doing a great job with your little lady. Of course I had no doubt you guys wouldn't do a great job. She has come so for and her Mommy and Daddy too. Soon to be 7 months. It's hard to believe. Give her lots of hugs and kisses from us. Thanks for sharing her with MaMa and me.Can't wait to spend some time with Morgan Kate, you and Travis. We Love you.

Aunt Jan

Jenny Garris said...

What a fashion diva!!! She is absolutely gorgeous---kiss those sweet cheeks an extra time for me! :) Jenny