Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh my goodness. I have been having blog withdrawal. Our internet has been out for over a day now. Well, let me rephrase that. I "thought" our internet was out. When I called my hubbie this morning to complain about the internet still being out he reminded me that sometimes it just needs to be unplugged and plugged back in. Magic. I did exactly what he said and it started working. 

This past weekend Morgan Kate did great. And as you all know - when Morgan Kate is doing great, so are Mommy and Daddy. 

We have been really, really, really sticking to our schedule and it is working. Morgan Kate is sleeping so much better and we are too. When we first started it was taking us almost three hours to get her to go to sleep. We would put her down, ten minutes later she would cry, we would go back in and put her pacifier in, ten minutes later she would cry, we would go back in and reswaddle her, ten minutes later she would cry, so we would go back in and pat her back. So on and so on. However, for the last few nights she has been going to bed right after she takes her bottle. So, so very nice.

Feeding wise she is making progress too. We are still feeding her two ounces every three hours. We could probably space her feedings out longer if she would eat more, but two ounces seems to be the most she will take at one time. There are still times where she will only take an ounce and wants nothing to do with the rest of the bottle. I am now okay with this. I don't force it on her. I don't get upset. I don't stress out. I try to feed her as much as she will take and then I just stop. When she is done, she is done. 

She has been so, so smiley lately. One of my favorite times of the day is first thing in the morning when she wakes up. I go in her room each morning to find her cooing and smiling. It absolutely makes my day. I just want to eat her up. Goodness. This weekend my parents were here and so was Uncle Kyle (my youngest brother). Morgan Kate LOVES him. She smiled and smiled and smiled at him. She just couldn't get enough of her Uncle Kyle. It was precious! 

No appointments scheduled yet for this week. I am sure we will be making a stop by Dr. G's office for at least a "weigh-in". Next week we go back to the pulmonologist for Morgan Kate's 3rd RSV injection and I guess we will also make a decision about her oxygen. According to Dr. B, the pulmonologist, we are only on "house arrest" for a little while longer. The end of March to be exact. Now, that may seem like a long time to you guys, but to me it seems like it is right around the corner (or at least that is what I am having to tell myself). If all goes well, we could be out on parole in like 57 days. That's nothing. When you spend 107 days in a hospital, 57 days is nothing at all. And besides, it gives me time to plan exactly what we will be doing, where we will be going and who we will be seeing. Believe me, come April we will be on the MOVE!


Terry Sowell said...

What wonderful reports you have these days. We are thanking God for every blessing. Love to you all! Aunt Terry

The Fricks said...

I'm so glad Morgan Kate is doing well. And I'm looking forward to your house arrest being up too...being stuck in the house is no fun! I was stir crazy after 2 weeks, so I can imagine the fun you're having. It helps to have a cooperative baby though. Good job Morgan Kate for making it a little easier on Mommy and Daddy.

Anonymous said...

Morgan Kate is too cute. Her Uncle Kyle probably ate up the attention she gave him. Murphy loves Kyle as well :) What can we say...he is just a lovable young man and lots of fun to be around! Hang in think you will have a list by the end March...wait til you see Kaky's list!! Love to each of you, Lyn & Phala

Anonymous said...

YAY...finally all the news we've been waiting to hear! It sounds like things are improving every day. She is absolutely adorable! Your blog is so wonderful that I look forward to it every day.

Kathy C.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that things are continuing to go well. I know that you will be so happy to get out of the house. You will be able to get out just in time for the nice warm weather.
Wendy H.

Anonymous said...

That is great news. Praise God for all the prayers answered. We send all of you our love.
MaMa and Aunt Jan

Anonymous said...

i still cant get over how amazing morgan kate's life has been! im so glad things are going well! im praying they continue to! love yall! :)
love, maggie