Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This week we are working on naptime. I like to take things one step at a time. We got the feeding thing down, the sleeping at night thing down and now we are going to work on napping. Morgan Kate is not a good napper. Not yet anyway. During the day she prefers to take "cat naps" in her swing or in my arms. If I try to put her down she immediately wakes up and begins screaming. The lack of napping makes for a very fussy baby as the day goes on. 

This morning I fed Morgan Kate and played with her for quite some time. After about an hour and a half she started to get fussy. I picked her up and rocked her for just a second and she fell asleep. I then placed her in her crib and proceeded to leave the room. The crying began. However, I let her cry for just a few minutes and she fell fast asleep and slept for almost two hours. She was much more content this afternoon. Happy baby and happy mommy. We didn't get to work on our afternoon nap because we had a doctor's appointment. But I am not worried about it. Like I said, I prefer to take things one step at a time.

Speaking of doctor's appointment. We went to see Dr. G and had a terrific appointment. Morgan Kate weighed in at ten and a half pounds. Wow! She has not quite hit the growth chart for her age, but she is ever so close to it. Matter of fact we have never been this close to actually getting on the chart. Great progress! Dr. G was very pleased with how she looked and sounded. We are going to start slowly weaning MK from several of her medications and she how she reacts. Less is always better in the medication department. We have some stretches and exercises to work on with Morgan Kate and we are to return in two weeks. 

Also, some good news on the feeding front. Morgan Kate is now taking almost three ounces every four hours. She is doing a great job! There are times when she seems a little hesitant to start, but once we get going she does great. 

Next Tuesday (Morgan Kate's 6 month birthday) we have a follow-up appointment with her gastro doctor.  


Kerri Roberts said...

were you leaving Oak Pointe this morning around 7:40am? I swear I passed you as I was coming in!

ps----your step-by-step successes are way more than I ever got with Gralynn! She's 4 and still sleeps with me!!!

I think you have the mom thing down pat :0)

Hollie Heming said...

YEAH! Scheduling is tricky, but no one knows your baby better than you :). Hang in there! She's doing so well. Love you.

Jenny Garris said...

Such good news! Hooray! If you've got the night sleeping down, count your blessings!! Naps are a drop in the bucket. And at this point, I believe you and Morgan Kate can do anything you set your minds to! Glad to hear things are going so well! :) Jenny

Terry Sowell said...

I can not believe Morgan Kate will be 6 months old next week!!! Things sound so wonderfully normal for you. Enjoy this time you have with her. It is truly a gift from God. I keep her birth announcement in my Mom Agenda and show it to all who have prayed for Morgan Kate. We will praise God for helping MK come off her meds. There are so many things to thank Him for. Love to all! Aunt Terry

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of all of you. Morgan Kate would not being doing so well if it were not for you and Travis. Heather, you and Travis are wonderful parents. It does come naturally when you have children. You basically learn on the first one and then you become a pro. She is growing so fast. Morgan Kate, you and Travis have grown and learned so much in the first 6 months of her life. I am so glad she received a good report at the M.D.'s appointment. You and Travis know your baby better than anyone does. She is so precious and so is her Mommy and Daddy. Can't wait to see all of you.


Aunt Jan

Kelly Lee said...

I'm so happy Morgan Kate's doctor appointment went well. Great news and so glad she's growing:) Not too long before Spring time and then the summer, yeah:) Love you all, Kelly

Anonymous said...

Great progress for little Miss MK.
So glad to hear how every thing is progressing so well. Spring is right around the corner so hang in there. I love the pictures.

Justin and Jessica Jones said...

Hey Girl,
I'm so glad to hear the night sleeping and feeding is going well...I cannot believe 6 months have passed since she was born. I guess technically she is really about 3 months from her due date...so I think you are right on track with the napping and sleeping stuff. Thank God for the daycare ladies who got Micah and Madeleine on good nap schedules. On occassion I have gone to the Kit Den during naptime, and it is like they poor magic sleeping dust on all those babies to have them all sound asleep at the same time. I can get them to take naps at home, but it amazes how regular they get them on times and such...anyway...I think you did a smart thing by playing with her and then just laying her down. :)Miss you...hope to see you soon...

Lindsey said...

I just found your blog and can't wait to read about your journey. My son is a 25 weeker who is now an active 3 year old. I love to read about little miracles such as Morgan Kate.

Anonymous said...

Tues. beautifully written, pretty girl---and even more beautiful is
yous wonderful testimony of FAITH
and LOVE of Morgan Kate and GOD.
Thanks be to the Great Physician for HIS love and answered prayers.
God's blessing and my love always.
You loves of my life keep on keeping on.