Monday, March 23, 2009

Quick post tonight...

Please be praying for Baby Stellan and his family. You can visit their blog by clicking on the button in the right sidebar titled "My Charming Kids". This is a family I have never met before in real life, but I check on and read about daily. They are a precious family and are in need of some very big prayers. 


Kathy Hardison said...

Prayers are being said for sweet baby Stellan! Love the blog look - having her pics at the top are the best :) Give MK a kiss and tell her I love her - Kaky

jan kessler said...

Will keep baby Stellan in our prayers. The pictures are precious. MaMa was so excited that Travis called her. We Love you guys.


Aunt Jan and MaMa Connie

Wendy S said...

I love the pictures in the pink dress. Kelly is standing here and says, "She is a beautiful baby!" I am sure you and Travis would agree.

Take care and lots of love and hugs from the Stoudemire Family to you!!!!

Wendy S