Sunday, March 22, 2009

One year ago today it was the Saturday before Easter. I had just left a bridal shower for one of my very good friends, Liz. As I was driving home I decided to stop by the Dollar Tree to purchase some Easter basket goodies. While in the store I decided to also purchase a pregnancy test. I mean it was only a dollar. I knew it was probably going to be negative, but hey, it was worth a try.

Fast forward about an hour. I am standing in our bathroom waiting on the "results". This is the best part of it all - the waiting. In these two or three minutes you can dare to dream anything. You can dream those baby dreams. You can dream of the day that you hold that precious baby. You can dream of your belly growing. So many dreams. The minute you see the results either your dreams come true or you have some more waiting to do. I was sure we were going to have to continue to wait. So as I was casually grabbing the test to toss it in the trash I noticed something different. This time there were two lines, not just one. Could it be? Were we really pregnant? Travis insisted we invest a little more than a dollar to be certain. He ran out and bought a box with three tests. All positive. My mom didn't like any of the tests we used and insisted on the digital ones. So after many, many tests, it was confirmed. We were indeed pregnant! And I will confess that I proceeded to take a test each day for the next week just to be sure we were still pregnant. 

Today was a day filled with so many emotions. I have a lot of these days. As I awoke this morning I remembered each and every minute from last year this time. We have come such a long, long way in just 365 days. Last March 22 we had no idea what we would encounter or what we would have to overcome. But we did it and we are now here. And we have the most precious baby girl and couldn't be happier. 

A lot can happen in one year. A lot can change in one year. I am so thankful for happenings, and changes, but most of all I am so thankful I spent that dollar. 

P.S. Just so there is no confusion, whatsoever, those tests are definitely from last year. I still have the pictures and the actual tests. Just want to make sure that is perfectly clear. 


Kathy Hardison said...

I knew that but it would have suited me for those to be tests you took this year (he he).

Stephanie said...

I have to say when I first saw the picture I thought it was from today :)

How incredibly blessed your family is...MK is absolutely precious and you have a beautiful family!

jan kessler said...

Great picture of MK and Travis and you in Travis' reflection. It would have been fine if those tests were from this year. We love you guys.


Aunt Jan

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that was a year ago! I feel like it was a few months ago, but certainly not a year ago. Look how much y'all have overcome in a year. What a precious, dear family! Love y'all!


Anonymous said...

Ok, I confess I skipped right over the text and just stared at the tests - I thought you were pregnant. After back tracking to read I realized that you were recalling last year. For the record, I agree with Kaky I would have been just as happy if you were! This has been the most amazing year ever!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear you all have more freedom these days. We miss you around here! I can't wait to meet your precious little girl. Wednesday we find out the sex of our little sweet pea.


Jenny Garris said...

ok, i knew those were not new tests, because it is scary to think about being pregnant again and having a second baby, right?!? LOL I was with you there, friend!! :) I'm glad to hear MK got some family love this weekend! :)