Sunday, April 5, 2009

Springtime. Warm weather. Blue skies. Flowers blooming. Easter approaching. Can it get any better?

I get so excited about the weekends. I have always lived for the weekends, but even more so now. Week days are full of work and appointments and other things of the sort, but the weekends are a time when we can all be at home, unwind and spend some good quality time with one another. Travis can stay up later and we an both sleep in a little later. We both get to spend time with Morgan Kate. It's so very nice. This weekend was no different. It was fabulous to say the least.

Saturday we could be found either outdoors or in our den with the windows open. It was absolutely beautiful outside. We were able to go on several walks and it was the best feeling in the world. Morgan Kate seemed to love it just as much as we did, but I did learn one thing. She may act a lot like me, but she is not cold natured like I am. This girl gets hot quick. She doesn't really like blankets and just sitting in her car seat causes her to sweat. So after our second walk of the day she had had enough. 

Today we had another great day and were able to enjoy some more of the outdoors. I am so ready for the weather to stay nice and warm. I can already tell this summer is going to be so much fun!

Most of you know this. Some of you may not. But I absolutely love my brothers. Seriously. They are my heart. I would do anything in this world for either one of them.

Now, there were definitely times growing up where we didn't see eye to eye or didn't agree on everything. There were times where we fought and argued. I would scratch Owens just to make him cry or dress Kyle up like a little girl just to get a laugh. And there were times Owens would hold me under the water in the swimming pool just to see how long I could hold my breath or times when Kyle would scream and pitch a fit in the middle of Wal-Mart just to see my face turn beet red.

Of course like all siblings we had our differences at times. But I would have to say and I think my parents would agree, that for the most part we really got along great. I think all three of us have a really special bond and love for one another.

Owens and I are almost three years apart. We grew up doing the same things and going the same places. We were in middle school together, high school together and then college together. We hung out on the weekends together, went to the same functions and had a lot of the same friends. Most of the time we were inseparable.

Kyle and I are almost ten years apart. While we didn't go to school together or have the same friends, we still have a very special relationship. Kyle and I are a lot alike. We like a lot of the same things, do a lot of the same things, worry about a lot of the same things and even cause some of the same trouble. We are like two peas in a pod.

It's funny. Growing up I never even wondered what it would be like to have a sister. I never even gave it a thought. I had two wonderful brothers who I loved dearly and who loved me and I was perfectly content. And I still am. I love these two boys dearly. I would do anything in the world for them and I know they would do the same for me. They have always been right by my side. They were with me growing up, they were with me when I left for college, they were with me when Travis and I got married and I knew they would be with me when Morgan Kate arrived.

The week I was hospitalized Owens and Kyle came for numerous visits. They helped with the dogs and watched our house. The night before Morgan Kate was born Owens and Kyle were actually at my house with Travis "secretly" painting the nursery. We hadn't even started on the nursery when I was hospitalized so they thought it would be a nice surprise to at least paint the nursery for me. Perfect timing if you ask me. The next morning when I called Travis in a panic they all came to the hospital together. All three of them showered, jumped in the car and got to the hospital in record time. Owens and Kyle stayed at the hospital through everything that happened that day and they were at the hospital the minute Morgan Kate was born. They even got to see my precious baby long before I ever did. But you know what? I was perfectly okay with that. It actually made me feel better that they had seen her and they were telling me she was okay. You see I might be the "big" sister, but they always take care of me. And I know they will always take care of Morgan Kate. 

It absolutely melts my heart to see them with Morgan Kate. She already loves them to pieces and her eyes light up when they walk in the room. From the moment she was born I couldn't wait for them to hold her. They have definitely taken their time and been very patient, but it has finally happened. They have both held my baby girl and it makes me so happy. I hope that one day Morgan Kate will know the kind of love I have for Owens and Kyle.


Aunt jan and MaMa said...

How very special that bond that you and your brothers have. Cherish it......We love you.


Aunt Jan and MaMa

Kathy Hardison said...

A post that would make any mom teary eyed to read about her children! Poor Morgan Kate though...I know how protective Owens and Kyle are of you so I can only imagine how they will be as MK gets older. LY&MY

The Fricks said...

Ohhh, I love some uncles/aunts loving on some babies. Morgan Kate, you're a lucky girl. And Owens, where are you boy!?! We miss you round here...holler at me some time!!

Anonymous said...

Such great pictures of your Mom and Dad and Owens and Kyle holding MK on your recent posts. Hope you all have a simple and special Easter! Love the Burlesons :)

Stephanie said...

How incredibly sweet! Such an incredible bond you have with your brothers and MK is incredibly blessed to have them in her life!

Anonymous said...

Jessa showed the blog to me and I love it. She shows it to me frequently, but I don't know how to pull it up on my own :) Old age is a killer....Morgan Kate is precious. I can't wait to see her in person one day soon.


Melissa and Sam said...

How precious!! I love those boys too! It's great seeing them with Morgan Kate!!
Love and Prayers,

Anonymous said...

SUPER FANTASTIC WRITING TONIGHT, HEATHER (MY PRETTY GIRL). yOU REALLY DID SOME "living" for Easter weekend; it was wonderful to be together. Take good care of angel baby and I am glad she adjusted to transition so well.
love ya.