Sunday, April 26, 2009

Two children under the age of two. Eight adult walkers. Family and friends. Three point four miles. Many, many people. Lots of water. Terrific cause. Beautiful weather. Amazing day!

Yesterday was such an awesome day. I sort of felt like a little girl on Christmas morning. Morgan Kate woke up Saturday morning around 5:00 to eat. After eating she went right back to sleep, but I was wide awake with anxiousness. I was so ready for the day to get started. 

The turnout for the walk was incredible. Or at least I thought so. So many people gave of their time to walk for the March of Dimes and for so many precious babies. Not only was the total turnout great, but the turnout for Team Morgan Kate was pretty spectacular as well. In attendance for Team Morgan Kate were Kaky and GDaddy, Raven and Koto, Laura and Luke, Melissa (who by the way, gave birth four weeks ago), Trenholm, Travis, me and last, but certainly not least, Morgan Kate. It is hard to put into words what each person's participation meant to me. Each of these people hold a very special place in my heart and I was so honored that they gave of their Saturday morning to spend time with us and walk on behalf of Morgan Kate. I love each of you dearly! 

Most people know that I am a fairly emotional person. Even more so now since having Morgan Kate. I was so excited about the walk, but a little nervous too because I wasn't sure how I would do. Don't get me wrong. I don't really care about crying in front of people or showing my emotions. But I didn't want to be a blubbering mess. I was afraid that I might be. Yesterday was a really big day for me and for Morgan Kate. I know the statistics for 25 weekers. I know that there are often times very different outcomes. I know the obstacles that some premature babies endure and encounter each day. And I know that Travis and I are incredibly blessed to have Morgan Kate. And while I was afraid I would be a blubbering mess, I am proud to say I wasn't. I was more happy than anything and I think I smiled the entire day. The only time I got emotional was when I saw Morgan Kate's sign. There is something about seeing all of that in print that really tugs at my heart. 

While at the fairgrounds we ran into several of Morgan Kate's NICU nurses. Not only do these amazing women take care of these precious babies, but they also take time to participate in the March of Dimes walk. How great are they? Two of these nurses even worked the night before and only got off hours before the walk began. Talk about dedication! In the picture below (from left to right) are me, Andrea, Shelly and Rachel. We also saw Emily and Sheryl, one of MK's respiratory therapists. It was so great to see each one of them and to show them how far Morgan Kate has come. 

Not only did Morgan Kate have "big people" walking in her honor, but she also had some "little people". Some very adorable little boys. Future boyfriends maybe? Hee, hee. Luke (top picture) and his mommy, Laura came out and walked with us. And we also saw Christian (bottom picture) and his mommy, Donna. 

Yesterday was such a good day! I am already excited about next year's walk and I have a ton of ideas. Again, I am so thankful for the March of Dimes, for our fabulous walkers, and of course, for my baby girl, Morgan Kate. 


Please continue to keep Kayleigh and her family in your thoughts and prayers.


Stephanie said...

Awesome turnout for such a great cause!

You were so blessed to have such wonderful nurses that not only give so much of themselves at work but when they're off the clock too..amazing that they came out!!!

I'm so thankful that MK is doing so well today and has come so far. Such a cute little girl.

Melissa and Sam said...

I so enjoyed walking for the March of Dimes and for Team Morgan Kate! It was a lot of fun and every step toward healthier births!

Shanna said...

She is absolutely beautiful Heather!!! I also Marched in the March of Dimes, but in Oburg. I started it last year and will keep on as long as I can. I love you all very much and loves those pictures!! I will have to get up there and see yall soon!!!