Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Whewh! Sorry I have been MIA. I think my brain and my body are still worn out from the 3.4 mile walk this past Saturday. Ha! Sounded like a pretty good excuse!

I'll begin with a few outdoor pics of my little one from this past weekend. Isn't that dress darling? Courtesy of Kaky!

It's only three days into the week and I am already exhausted. We have been busy, busy, busy. 

I decided this week that we really needed to work on solids. Nothing too hard or advanced. Just some plain ole' rice cereal. We tried the rice cereal a few weeks back and Morgan Kate just wasn't ready for it. I have been meaning to try it again for sometime now. Saturday after the walk my parents took us to Olive Garden for lunch. It was so yummy! Anyway, the entire time we were eating Morgan Kate was watching us like a hawk. She literally followed my fork to my mouth each time. So Monday afternoon we tried some cereal, then again yesterday and again today. Today we even pulled out the highchair for the very first time and had her sit in that while she was "eating" her rice cereal. I must admit she's doing a really good job. As soon as the spoon is near her mouth she opens wide and she attempts to eat the rice cereal. I don't think she really likes it thought. After it's in her mouth she makes this awful face and kind of shudders her body. It's quite amusing! Of course after starting this I have a question. If she doesn't like the cereal can I try something else or do I need to wait until she is older? Oh, and how can I tell if she just doesn't really like the cereal or if she just isn't sure what to do with it? 

Yesterday our EI, Julie, came and spent a good hour at our house. Last week when she came MK was really sleepy, so it was a complete disaster. Fussy baby plus exercises equals lots of crying. However, yesterday she was much more rested and worked really hard for Julie and I. 

Today our PT, Terri, came and she too spent an hour with us. MK was up earlier than usual this morning so I wasn't sure how well the session would go. Leave it to MK to surprise me! She did awesome. Really, she did! She worked so hard and didn't cry one time. We worked on rolling to the right (she only prefers rolling to the left), we worked on sitting up, and we worked on reaching. Reaching proves to still be a struggle for MK. She will grab things instantly, but isn't quite sure yet how to reach for things. She has gotten much better in the past few weeks so I know it will come. 

There are two things she has improved greatly on. One, bearing weight on her feet. Two weeks ago she wouldn't do it all. Literally, she wouldn't put her feet on the floor, much less bear weight. Now she is standing and wanting to stand for extended periods of time. I am so impressed! Secondly, she is tolerating her bumbo chair much better. Several weeks ago she really wanted nothing to do with the chair and would only last about two seconds. The bumbo chair is hard for her because it takes a lot of energy and a lot of work breathing wise. Today she sat and played in the bumbo chair for twelve minutes without getting upset. This girl is incredible! I was so proud of her and how hard she worked. So proud in fact that I had to take her shopping afterward. Hee, hee!

Next week I'll try to snap a few pictures during her PT session. It is so neat to see the things she does. She even has her own exercise ball. Watch out! 


Los Bianchi said...

Hi Heather! Morgan Kate is looking beautiful, as usual! Don't be discouraged by her not liking her cereal, at first the sensation of solids is not very pleasant so they may even throw up a little. I am also feeding Agustina her first solids, cereal and fruits she loves, vegetables... not so much! Ask your doctor if you can introduce some fruit... they really like it.. although at first it's always weird for them, in a few days she won't get enough of it!

Good luck with the feeding... and have lots and lots of patience...



Newman Family said...

The doctor told me that we need to try each food for 3 days before introducing something new. That way you will know what the baby is allergic to. The doctor had me skip rice cereal since it is binding and we started with oatmeal which Brandon did not like. We then switched to barley which he likes much better. Once Brandon started on fruits and veggies it was easier to get him to eat the cereal. I put a little of the cereal on the spoon first and then some of the fruit or veggie so it helps to make the cereal more flavorful.

Kathy Hardison said...

Wow - I wasn't ready to see our little girl in the high chair! She looked like a "big girl". Precious, precious! LY&MY

THE SPIVEY"S said...

Christian did not like the plain rice cereal either but I talked to his pediatrician (did I spell that right? Oh well) and they told me I could feed him the mixed fruit and rice cereal. There is a brand of rice cereal that has it mixed together. Ask them if Morgan Kate can eat that one. They tend to like that one better because it is a little bit sweeter.

Sherry Pyle said...

What a doll!!!

Soo big sitting in that high chair!

Thanks for sharing her with everyone.

She sure is special and so beautiful.

Its amazing how babies start to watch us eat and it seems they say hey give me some!!!

The pictures are wonderful.

Somehow I'm recalling we gave Blakley the cereal with some fruit.
Don't know if that was right but she did great!!!

Something speciaL at our house. Eight years ago on the 30th I became a Grandmother to Bryson David Miller. He has filled our lives with so much love and joy. God blessed us with this precious boy.I always say there is a part of our heart that is never touched till we have a grandchild.
(1/30 07) We were blessed with Blakley Grace.
What a wonderful life.
Aren't kids great!!!!
Have a great week as you enjoy your precious girl!!!!

Stephanie said...

Allie never liked the cereal at all...she skipped it completely and we went on to 1st stage foods.

Glad you guys got a shopping treat after her session :) You both deserved it!

Melissa and Sam said...

Love all the things Morgan Kate is accomplishing! Today was fun!

Anthony's Mommy said...

awww she's looking so good!!


Liz and Tony Mitchum said...

Heather - I love MK's dress, and I must admit I did a little shopping the other day and have ordered Neeley a dress just like it. I love all the summer dresses - can't wait to put her in them.
Have a great day.

.:liza:. said...

My almost 5 month old does the same thing when I give him rice cereal... makes faces & shudders! We'll be trying fruit instead very soon. :)

Denise said...

Here is my thoughts/experience with cereal. With Parker, I knew he didn't like it when he would gag on it and just spit it out. I would try to mix like a fruit in or something and he just didn't want it. I ended up stopping cereal all together. I believe he was 6 months old at the time (adjusted 4). I talked with our ped. and he said since he was on Neosure formula that he was getting all he needed through that and he gave me permission to start fruits and veggies. With those, you pick one, you introduce it little by little.

I would suggest just calling your ped. and asking. chances are Morgan Kate is old enough to go ahead and start on the fruits and veggies. I always started the new food first thing in the morning so I would know by mid day if he had any reaction too it.

Now Parker eats fruits, veggies, puffs, meats.

It's a trial and error thing. You learn as you go!

Hang in there! :)

Martha Compton said...

We skipped cereal altogether and started with avocado. I found several articles that said it was an excellent first food and it has more fat/calories than rice cereal which was a concern for me. Try that and see if she likes it better. Campbell never really liked rice cereal and I think it's b/c it's very bland and we started her off with foods with taste.