Thursday, April 30, 2009

Do you happen to remember these two pictures?

Well my friends this has become our life. Morgan Kate will not stay on her back. But cries when she is on her stomach. Go figure. I have to literally strap her down to everything. Usually I could just sit her in her bouncy seat without the straps and she would be fine. Of course I am right there with her so there is no fear of her falling out or anything. But these days she is twisting and turning and the next thing you know she is face down and screaming. Bedtime or should I say all night has become quite a new experience. We put her down for bed on her back. Two or so hours later she flips over and starts screaming. We go in and flip her back to her back. Minutes later she flips over and the screaming starts once more. Occasionally she will get comfortable enough on her stomach and just fall asleep. Even with the apnea monitor it terrifies me for her to be on her stomach, but what can I do? Am I really supposed to get up every thirty minutes or so and flip her back over. She is a "night crawler". She turns, flips and scooches her way all over that crib. What do I do? How can I keep her in one place and comfortable? Or is that even possible? 

Here are some pictures from our afternoon. She spent 15 minutes in her bumbo seat. Exciting!

Oh, and the green dress? Courtesy of Kaky. Aren't grandmas the greatest!


Stephanie said...

Allie sleeps on her stomach and does fine although I know that won't ease your nerves much. The only time she would sleep on her back was when she was an infant and was soon as she was too big to be swaddled at night she wouldn't do it anymore.

I love the last pic of MK and her daddy!!!! That's adorable!

Denise said...

I don't know that there is really anything that you can do unfortunately. Parker did the same thing too and I was always nervous he would suffocate or something. But I was told (by someone - can't remember who) that if they are at the point where they can flip and stuff, they are old enough to be sleeping like that. Can she flip back on to her back?

It will all work out!

Newman Family said...

Brandon has been doing the same thing every time I put him on his back. He actually just started rolling around the room since he can't crawl yet to get where he wants to go. In the middle of the night he rolls onto his stomach too and then cries because he is on his stomach. I have been told that once they can roll onto their stomach it is ok to let them sleep on it because they can roll back.

Jenny Garris said...

What about sleeping on her side? We used side sleeper pads when Joel was an infant but now he sleeps on his stomach or his side. I used to think that sleeping and eating just came naturally, but boy, was I wrong!! Good luck!

The Fricks said...

If she's old enough to flip over, then she's allowed to sleep on her stomach (or at least this is the rule in my mine). As long as she can bear her weight on her arms then she can push herself up and away from something if she needs to. And if you're this worried about her when she's rolling, I can't wait to read the blog when she starts crawling...or goodness knows...walking!! HA! You're in for a treat, my dear. The days of MK's immobility are over! Good luck!

HighlandGhillie said...

She's just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I happen to come across your blog, beautiful baby girl! I do have to say something about the pictures I saw with Morgan Kate on her son died of SIDS and I just don't want anything to happen to any more babies! My two kids I had after Grayson died slept in their bouncy seats (strapped in & next to my bed) every night because I was so scared of them rolling onto their tummies. Does your pediatrician have any suggestions? I am sorry if I have scared you, but I would rather scare you than for you to think everything is going to be fine if she does sleep on her tummy...things are not always fine.