Saturday, May 2, 2009

The past two nights have been so much better. It seems that Miss Morgan Kate has learned to get somewhat comfortable on her stomach. I think the problem is her arm and her clothes. At night she wears long sleeves and it makes it harder for her to pull her arm out from under her once she turns over. The past two nights I have gone in and pulled her arm out for her and she has been fine. Maybe I'll try short sleeves tonight...

Since bringing Morgan Kate home we have used Long's Medical for all of our equipment needs. They supplied the oxygen tanks, cannulas, pulse ox monitor and our apnea monitor and all the supplies that go with it. We have been so impressed with this company. They have been phenomenal! In the first few weeks that Morgan Kate was home we had to make several late night service calls. Either the machine wasn't working properly or we were missing a piece that we needed. Each time the rep from Long's called us back promptly and came within the hour to helps us. Each person that has ever come to our house has been so professional and so polite.

Last night was no different. Yesterday afternoon a rep from Long's came to deliver a new apnea monitor. We don't typically get new monitors like that, but they needed to install some new software or something so we got a new one. Anyway, last night about two hours after we put MK down for bed the alarms started going off. Very startling to say the least. We haven't heard an alarm go off in quite some time. Of course we both made a mad dash to MK's room and found that the low heart rate alarm was going off. It proceeded to do this on and off for the next twenty minutes or so. Typically I would have probably freaked out, but I remembered that the monitor was new. 

Let me explain. Several weeks back the low heart rate alarm was going off on the old monitor. I called the pediatrician about it and she explained that as MK got older her heart rate would slow down. The alarm was set to go off if her heart rate got below 80, so the doctor ordered for the settings to be changed to 70. Of course she also ordered a download from the monitor just to check things out. Just as she suspected. While MK was sleeping her heart rate was dropping to about 78 or so. Whewh! So when the alarm started going off last night I told Travis that it was probably just the settings. We called Long's and left a message. Within ten minutes someone called back and helped us out. They were terrific and so understanding. The settings were still set at 80 and had to be adjusted. Once the settings were changed we never heard the alarm again. 

You are all going to laugh at me. But I called my pediatrician about the swine flu. Yep. I sure did. Now I did have some justification. One I have a preemie. Two there are now 13 confirmed cases in Newberry and Travis just happens to work in Newberry. No fear though. We are doing well and washing our hands even more. If that is possible.

As promised, pictures of MK and her new exercise ball.


Jason and Talyse Burkett said...

I called our pediatrician too! She said we are fine, but with preemies, I don't think you can ever be too careful!

She's so cute with her little exercise ball!

Newman Family said...

I called our pediatrcian about the swine flu too, especially since yesterday was the day we could finally start taking Brandon out because rsv season is done here now. They said we are fine but did say to make sure we are good about washing our hands.You can never be too careful with a preemie.

Stephanie said...

Those pictures of MK with the ball are adorable!!!!!

This flu thing is scary right now...haven't had alot of cases around here but they closed Mauldin High..not sure if you heard that on the news or not...about 45 mins from newberry. Hope everyone stays healthy around there!

THE SPIVEY"S said...

Love the picture of her on her tummy on the ball. She is TOOOOOOOOOOOO cute.

Denise said...

I didn't call my pediatrician about the flu...maybe I am not that worried, or maybe it's the fact that we rarely go out anyway. But we are doing all the same things we have done since we brought him home, wash hands, not out much, ect. I don't blame you for calling though!

Is the exercise ball for her physical therapy? Parker will be starting his I think by the end of the month. He actually isn't doing too bad, we just need him to learn to loosen up - if that makes sense. I am trying to not let it bug me, because I know it's best. One of my friends is a OT/PT and she has offered to explain things and take a look at Parker herself "for the fun of it." I am starting to get a peace of mind about it.

Melissa and Sam said...

Love MK and her ball! She's a doll baby!!