Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Well we went by our pediatrician's office for a weight check. Unfortunately their scales revealed the same thing. In the past two weeks Morgan Kate has only gained two ounces. That's right. Two measly ounces. And I actually think her wet diaper attributed to that. So something definitely needs to be done or changed or whatever. We already knew she wasn't on the growth chart for her actual age of 8 months, but now she is below the 25th percentile for weight according to her adjusted age of almost 5 months. Our pediatrician has put a call into her nutritionist to talk about increasing the calories. I am eagerly waiting for the call so that we can get this going.

As of today we have actually exceeded our goal for the March of Dimes. Wow!I am super, super excited. A big THANK YOU to all that have contributed!! There is still time to donate. I will be taking all donations to the appropriate office Thursday afternoon. 

Now that Morgan Kate has learned to roll from her back to her tummy she does it all the time. Seriously. Anytime I lay her on the floor, in the crib, or even in her boppy seat she manages to turn to her tummy. It is so funny! Gone are the days of laying her down and turning my head for a second. This girl has to be watched at all times.


Stephanie said...

She's so precious in those pictures!! Love her crib bedding...it's beautiful!

Praying that they can get things adjusted so she'll start putting on some weight soon :)

Wendy S said...

Roll On Morgan Kate!!! We are so proud of you!!

Wendy S

Heather said...

Sorry to hear about the lack of weight gain. My youngest gained less than 2 lbs in 3 months so she was put on meds for her reflux. It isn't fun having to worry about their weight but who said being a mom was easy all the time.

Her picture in the swing is too cute. I just don't understand how they can sleep like that!