Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I have followed Kayleigh's blog since about a week after Morgan Kate was born. I have never met this family in person. I have never spoken with them on the phone. But I have followed them almost every single day since that time and they have constantly been in my thoughts and prayers. Please pray for the Freeman's. Yesterday, at 9:44 pm, they lost their precious baby girl. My heart just absolutely breaks for them. 


Heather said...

My heart breaks for them also. Sweet little Kayleigh is in God's arms now.

jan kessler said...

It was so devastating.....I know Aimee and Adam's heart is breaking. I have followed their blog everyday since you introduced me to it. As I write this, tears are streaming down again they have been through so much with their precious one. Kayleigh was Adam and Aimee's first child together.

sherry pyle said...

I was so saddened at her passing. Yet now she is whole and at peace for all eternity.
For her parents my heart hurts and I will pray for them.
I really can't explain how I felt upon her passing.
I also never knew them, or talked to them. But through the months I prayed for them.
I'm glad that they feel it is only goodbye for now.
I cry at the thought of her loss and what the parents are going through.
I'm so glad we have a loving compassionate God.

caryn said...

My heart also breaks for them. I found your blog through a comment you left way back on their blog. I also follow your blog daily, sorry I haven't comment before! Your Mother's Day post brought tears to my eyes.