Wednesday, May 27, 2009

She did it! 

And I am so very proud.

Morgan Kate can now roll to both sides. Left and right. Yay!

MK has been rolling to the left for quite some time, but just couldn't seem to roll to the right. It had/has everything to do with her arms and her hands. 

Think about it. When you roll to the right what has to happen? Not only do you have to bring your hips and pelvis over, but you have to also bring your left arm and hand. MK has not been using that hand or arm as much, so rolling to the right has been difficult. Up until today she just didn't do it at all. During PT she would roll to the right as long as we touched her left hand or rubbed her left arm. I was so proud and just had tears in my eyes. However, tonight she really put on the show. We were showing Trav what all she could do and she just rolled to the right, unassisted. Wow! 

Tomorrow her EI will come to work with her and then Friday we have her first OT session. I'll be sure to keep you all posted.

Here are a few pictures of MK eating her carrots. In the second picture she doesn't look too happy, but she really did like them. Friday we move on to bananas. Yummy!


jan kessler said...

Adorable pictures. Love yall
Aunt J

Kelly Lee said...

When will you try pickles??? LOL:) So glad she is rolling to both sides...yay Morgan Kate! Love you guys, KL

Heather said...

Way to go MK and Heather for being the great mommy that she is!

(I just thought that I would throw that one in there as a little pep talk for you.) :)

sherry pyle said...

Yea!!!What a big girl.

Her pictures are adorable.

That smile that lights up our hearts.

Justin and Jessica Jones said...

Good job MK!!!! It was so great to see you on Tuesday...felt like old times. :) Let me know when you are ready for some 6-9 month clothes for Miss Priss. I'll drop them by.