Monday, May 25, 2009

Yesterday Morgan Kate turned 9 months old. Nine months. It seems so crazy to say that my baby girl is nine months. Not to rush the summer by any means, but I sure can't believe that in just a few short months Morgan Kate will be a year old. Unbelievable. People still give me funny looks when we are out and about and I tell them that Morgan Kate is nine months old. 

At nine months, Morgan Kate:
-is sleeping through the night (most of the time)
-is taking lots of formula and now eating rice cereal, applesauce and carrots
-loves playing in her exersaucer (favorite toy at this moment)
-is sitting unsupported for about 2-3 seconds
-rolling all over the place, but still only to the left
-making tons of noises and blowing raspberries
-loves music and moving around

For Mother's Day Travis and Morgan Kate got me a membership to the zoo. I was so excited because I have been wanting one for the longest time. Travis and I love going to the zoo. We went all the time when we were in college, but haven't been in quite some time. Well, today we went and took Morgan Kate for her very first trip. 

This is what Morgan Kate did most of the time we were there. 

She took a great nap, but woke up just in time to see a few animals.

When Travis saw this sign he said, "Wow, maybe you are part gorilla." Ha, ha. He is quite the comic, isn't he? I do love my sleep, but I don't remember the last time I slept for thirteen hours at night.

The weather was really nice and we had a such a great time. However, today I realized that I am definitely a "germ-a-phob". The entire time we were there I should have been thinking, "Wow, this is great and the animals are terrific", but instead, I was thinking and saying out loud to Travis, "Oh my goodness, this place is a germ-fest. What are we going to do when Morgan Kate starts wanting to touch things?" I'll save that worry for another day.


jan kessler said...

The pictures are great. Glad you guys had a good Memorial Day. Love yall.

Aunt Jan

Anthony's Mommy said...

Glad you had such a fun time at the zoo! And yay for Morgan being 9 months! She's looking fantastic!


The Fricks said...

The babies and I lived at the zoo last summer when I was on maternity leave. A lot of that had to do with the fact that Dave worked at night, so was sleeping during the day and we had to be out of the house. Either way, we definitely got our money's worth out of our zoo membership. Enjoy! There's a lot to learn there too...for adults and babies.

Jenny Garris said...

We have a membership too and go all the time. And Joel now touches and wants to eat everything. You will deal with that just like you have everything else! It will be okay!

Let's meet at the zoo some morning and then go for lunch! :)