Wednesday, May 6, 2009

When Morgan Kate first started physical therapy I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I had read numerous blogs about babies that had physical therapy, but I still wasn't sure what it would look like for us. Even still I was really excited about MK starting physical therapy. I know that there are areas that she lacks in or needs a little assistance with and I know that there are others that can provide valuable information and expertise that I am not equipped with. 

I just want to say that I have been so impressed. I absolutely love our PT and Morgan Kate loves her too. The PT comes once a week for an hour and MK works the entire time. Today she worked the entire sixty minutes without a break and without crying. In just the three or four short weeks that she has been coming I can tell a big difference. MK is trying to stand more, really likes sitting in her Bumbo and is starting to use both sides of her body equally. Prior to PT, Morgan Kate preferred the right side of her body. She preferred looking right, turning her head right and using her right hand and arm. Morgan Kate only rolls to the left, but that is because she can swing her right arm over to help her. The reason she doesn't roll to the right is because she doesn't use her left arm as much and it's harder to swing over. Does that make sense? Anyway, I have seen such strides and improvements and I couldn't be happier. Often times during PT I find myself in tears because I am just so proud of her. She is absolutely amazing!


Yesterday we stopped by Dr. G's office for a weight check. Travis and I have been trying to weigh Morgan Kate at home. Well, let me rephrase that, we have been "attempting" to weigh her. Travis will get on the scale and weigh himself, then get on with her and weigh together and we subtract the difference. It is usually not very accurate, but we felt like she had probably gained some. I was very anxious yesterday morning about having her weighed. I am trying not to freak out about weight, but premature babies often have an extremely hard time gaining weight. Premature babies with chronic lung disease often times have an even harder time. So, I just want to make sure that we are doing everything possible to ensure that she is healthy and happy. I am happy to report that Miss Morgan Kate has gained weight, approximately eight and a half ounces in two weeks. She is now tipping the scales at twelve pounds and eleven and a half ounces. I must say that I was very, very excited. We go back in about two weeks for her nine month check-up and by that time she may be over thirteen pounds. Wow!


Justin and Jessica Jones said...

Great news...I am glad to hear that she is putting on weight.
:) Jessica

Kelly Lee said...

YEAH for 12 lbs 11oz!!!! That is wonderful news! Hope ya'll are having a wonderful week!

Stephanie said...

Wow 8 oz is AWESOME! So glad that the PT is working for her and you're happy with it also...that's great! You guys deserve some happiness in your lives!

Melissa and Sam said...

So so happy that she's gained weight!! I am thrilled that both she and you love PT time!! That little MK is just doing so awesome! Let's have a party for her- you know we haven't had a gathering since Kyle's graduation (he, he)!!

Los Bianchi said...

Hi Heather! I just wanted to congratulate you and Travis. Morgan Kate is obviously doing so well because of her loving parents. And in every picture she looks so happy; a smiling baby is a healthy baby! Don't worry to much about her weight, I'm sure she will catch up in no time. Agustina is weighing 13.8 lb so there isn't that much of a difference.

Again, congratulations to both of you and I hope you have a wonderful 1st. Mother's Day!



Kara Corbett said...

That's great news Heather!!! And I wanted to thank you for your sweet note you sent to me. Thinking about MK every day!!!
Kara Corbett

Heather said...

Great news. My 12 month old weighed 16lbs at her dr apt and MK isn't far behind. Way to go MK!

Melody said...

She is SO cute! I'm "lurking" today since I have some free time. I love reading blogs and blogging, myself :)

Martha Compton said...

Hey Heather!
I saw your comment on our blog about questions about PT and OT. Feel free to email me. A great website for preemies that I really like is: and here is a link to a post she did about development for 6-9 month olds that you may find helpful
Hope this helps a little! Oh, and I have a file I can email you that our OT gave us on development.

sherry pyle said...

Wow she is doing great!!!

I know this will be a special weekend for your family. Have a great time!!!

Good idea to keep the sanitizer near. Our doctor said when ours were small that Churches are a great place to catch germs!
Well, what does he know. We trust God!!!!

I am so happy for you all.
Morgan Kate is a doll. Through the months I have followed her progress I have fallen in love with this special girl!!!!
Thank you for sharing her.

I will look forward to hearing about your very first Mother's Day!!!!!
You are a great Mom!!!

The Bridges said...

Brayden is great and I feel so blessed to have him! I love reading about your little one and I'm so glad she is healthy and doing well. We have had you in our thoughts and prayers!