Sunday, June 21, 2009

From the moment he knew we were pregnant he was smiling.

From the moment he knew our baby was going to be a girl he was smiling.

Despite my hospitalization, her extremely early birth and all the obstacles that followed, he was smiling.

Each day I get to enjoy that smile over and over. And it completely melts my heart.

I thought being Travis' wife was the best feeling in the world. It was and still very much is. I love the way he loves me, I love our marriage, I love the way we talk and enjoy the little things in life, I love the way he takes care of me, and I love that not only is he my husband, but my absolute best friend. But watching him being a daddy is the most wonderful feeling I have ever experienced. I could watch him for hours and hours. And I do.

Travis is an amazing daddy. I think it is something he was born to do. It comes so natural and without much effort or thought. Watching him and Morgan Kate interact brings tears to my eyes. Tears of complete and utter happiness. And Morgan Kate is completely and totally smitten with him. The minute she hears his voice or he walks into the room she lights up and begins to smile.

The day Morgan Kate was born was such an emotional day for all of us. Every single person involved was affected somehow or in someway. But I can't even begin to know what Travis was feeling as he waited all alone in the hallway outside of the operating room waiting on any news. Here was Travis expecting his very first child and everything that could be going wrong was going wrong. His daughter was making her entrance at only 25 weeks gestation. His wife was out cold on the operating table recovering from an emergency c-section. And he was left to wait and wonder about how it would all turn out. He was the very first person to see our little one pound, twelve ounce wonder. He was the one who accompained her to the NICU and stayed with her until she was stabilized. He was the first to touch her tiny toes and take her first photographs. And he was the one who came to my bedside in the recovery room, kissed my forehead, squeezed my hand and showed me her first photographs and told me that our precious baby was doing okay. He was so strong that day. So courageous. And so very proud.

Travis has always given 100% to our marriage, so I knew he would give nothing less to being a daddy. From day one he has changed diapers, fed Morgan Kate, dressed Morgan Kate, gotten up in the middle of the night for feedings and changings, given baths, washed bottles, and made formula. He has had to insert feeding tubes, change feeding tubes, change oxygen tanks, move oxygen tanks, give countless medications and carry multiple monitors. He has even gotten over his fear of "messy diapers" and figured out those complicates onesies. He did all of this and continues to do all of this without being asked, without complaining, without being reminded. He just does it. He does it because he knows it's part of his most important role ever. The role of being a daddy. And he sure is a good one.

One of my favorite times of the day is the late afternoon when Travis and Morgan Kate are hanging out together. She is usually laughing hysterically because he is tickling her or kissing her tummy. Later, after play time, Travis begins to play the guitar and it gets so incredibly quiet. I usually tiptoe to the door, peek in and find Travis playing to Morgan Kate and Morgan Kate watching him so intently. She can't get enough of him. And neither can I.

I feel so lucky and so incredibly blessed to be his wife and the mother of his child. It is an honor to know him and love him.

Happy Father's Day, Trav! Thank you for who you are and all you do. I love you with all my heart.

Just a few of my favorite pictures of Travis and Morgan Kate.

Seeing how Morgan Kate looks at her daddy reminds me of how I look at mine. Through my eyes this man can do anything and anything he does is never wrong. He is so calm, so laid back, so very strong and such a good "sharer". :) He is very wise, a great listener and loves all of us unconditionally. Happy Father's Day, Daddy! I love you so very much. - Skeeta


Justin and Jessica Jones said...

Okay you had me crying again with this one...I'm signing you up to write Hallmark cards...:) Happy Father's Day Travis!
:) Jessica

jan kessler said...

Happy Father's Day Travis. You are a natural. Love you. Give Morgan Kate lots of kisses for me.

Aunt J

jan kessler said...

MaMa said Happy Father's Day to her Grandson. Love you guys.

Aunt J and MaMa

Kelly Lee said...

Wow...I barely got through that post! That was soooo sweet and you are incredibly blessed to have been raised by such a wonderful father and to marry a man who is so incredible to you and your baby girl. Please tell him happy first father's day. We love you guys!

Liz and Tony Mitchum said...

That was so sweet Heather! It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend celebrating with your sweet family!

Melissa and Sam said...

Aw, how sweet!

Anonymous said...

Heather..what a beautiful blog post ! Your daughter is precious and so lucky to have such loving parents.
Just a little beach advice from and an avid beach person. Try to keep sun glasses on Morgan Kate to keep the beach and sun glare from hurting her eyes. So often I see parents with sunglasses on and none on their little children. I know this is sometimes difficult , but if the sun and glare bother you , then it seems reasonable for babies too. Babies can burn so easily from sun reflection off the sand too, even on cloudy days.
Having given all of that advice..Go and enjoy your time at the beach!! I love my time there and my motto is: " Even a bad day at the beach is better than a good day anywhere else"
Hugs !
Birmingham, Al.