Monday, June 29, 2009

If you received a call or text from me this weekend and there was no one on the other end - it probably wasn't me and more likely this baby girl. She is intrigued by my phone.

Morgan Kate has never really been a fan of the pacifier. She took one for a short time while in the NICU and then for maybe two weeks once we got home. Since then she has had zero interest, which happens to be perfectly okay with me. However, the other day she wanted something to chew/gnaw on. I tried numerous things and nothing worked or did the trick. After trying about fifteen different toys and teething rings I decided to try a pacifier. She loved it! She wouldn't suck it or keep it in her mouth, but she would gnaw on it and pull it out and put it back in. It was actually very cute. Luckily she wanted nothing to do with it the next day. I have nothing against pacifiers and happen to find them very cute, but I am just not looking to get up multiple times during the night to help MK find hers after it falls out of her mouth. 

Morgan Kate loves this green "spikey" ball. Several of her therapists have them, but we have not been fortunate enough to find any for ourselves. Thankfully our friend and neighbor, Mary, happened to have two of these balls and gave us one. MK can't stop playing with it. She has even become quite the acrobat!

This past weekend was one of the best we have had in quite some time. Yes, Morgan Kate went on her first boat ride and had her first lake trip. But we also did so many other fun things and got some good quality family time in.

Since it was the weekend Morgan Kate got lots of time to snuggle and love on her Daddy.

The three of us also went for our first walk across the Lake Murray Dam. It was so very hot, but so very nice. Morgan Kate slept the entire time, while Mommy and Daddy struggled to complete the walk. Ha!
MK and Daddy before the walk

View from the dam

After our very hot, but very nice walk we came home to cool off. However, our usually very cool house was hot and stuffy instead. Our A/C unit was in need of some repairs. Three hours later and $250 poorer we were back in business. Thank goodness!

We spent Saturday afternoon cooling off in the pool. Our friends, who also happen to be our neighbors, asked us to go swimming. After our HOT morning we instantly took them up on their offer and had a blast. MK is quite the water bug! 
We had a terrific time and I am already counting down the days until next weekend! 

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Los Bianchi said...

Loooove the pictures.. she looks so cute with her daddy!!! Absolutely beautiful!