Sunday, June 28, 2009

Last spring Travis and I bought a boat only days before finding out we were pregnant. We had wanted a boat (and a baby) for quite some time. Even dreamed of a boat (and a baby). But it wasn't until last spring that we were actually able to "make it happen". 

In March and early April it tends to still be a little cool here, especially on the water. Or at least it is for me. But we didn't care. We would bundle up in sweatshirts and hats and head out in the boat. Once summer rolled around we lived on our boat. Most late afternoons and weekends we could be found "boating" out on the lake. Once July rolled around we took our boat to the beach and spent as much time as possible in the Folly River. Being on our boat was the best, but I was also a little nervous. Hard to imagine, right? I was a little hesitant about being on the boat while pregnant so I called my doctor just to make sure it was okay. Sure enough. He agreed that it was perfectly fine as long as we weren't cruising around in 50 foot swells. I told him that I didn't think that would be a problem. 

We had planned to use our boat through the summer and into the fall. It seems like our summers last until early October anyway. However, our little plan was changed somewhat. Only six days after our last "boating adventure" I was put on bed rest and eight days after that Morgan Kate arrived. Needless to say, the boat was put on the back burner. Cleaned up, covered, and put away. 

In the past ten months I have spent zero time on our boat. Travis on the other hand has had a few fishing excursions and "I-need-to-take-the-boat-out-for-a-little-while-because-it-shouldn't-sit" kind of trips. We weren't exactly sure when we would be able to enjoy our boat together again or even more, when we would be able to share our boat with Morgan Kate. 

However, today all of that changed. In a very spontaneous decision we decided to take Morgan Kate on her first boat ride. She is now holding her head quite steady. She can sit very well supported and almost without support. And her lifejacket fits. So we called the family and made a day of it. 
Morgan Kate sporting her lifejacket

It's funny. Usually I am a nervous wreck about things, especially things involving Morgan Kate. But today I wasn't. Really. I was very calm and more than anything I was giddy with excitement because I was getting to share something that I love with her. I was also really calm because Travis is super safe especially when it comes to the boat or water or anything for that matter. He's also knows an awful lot. Here's just a snippet of our conversation on the way to the boat landing:

Me: I am so excited about today. I can't wait for MK to ride on the boat and get in the water. 
Travis: I know you are excited, but we really need to be careful. I'm serious.
Me: Babe, I know.
Travis: No, really. I mean just take your time. Take your time with everything. Don't do anything too fast. Walk really slow so that you don't fall with her. Hold her tight in the boat and in the water. When you are handing her to someone else do it very slow. Just don't get in a hurry doing anything. We have to be really careful.

As I was saying, I feel really calm because Travis is super safe, as well as my parents and brothers. 

So we packed the boat bag, the diaper bag, the snack bag, the towel bag, and the cooler and were on our way. Five minutes into Morgan Kate's very first boat ride she fell fast asleep.
Don't worry, I didn't unzip the life jacket until the motor was off.

Once Sleeping Beauty awoke she played and swam and ate some bananas and swam some more. She definitely loves the water!

She also got to spend some quality time with Kaky and GDaddy. They brought their boat and we tied up together. We spent the day swimming, conversing, eating and basking in the sun. Oh, and Morgan Kate napped some too.

Morgan Kate loved the boat. While riding she slept, she smiled, she cooed and she slept some more. She also loved the water. She swam and floated and enjoyed being held by others. She didn't love the lifejacket so much, but once the boat started moving she forgot about it. Morgan Kate also happened to love being surrounded by these two fellows - Uncle O and Uncle Kyle.  

It was an awesome day! And Morgan Kate did so well. I feel like I say that about everything. But it's so true. She loves going and doing. She loves looking around and watching everything and everyone. She just soaks everything up. I guess anyone would after being cooped up at home for months without being to go anywhere or see anyone. I just love the way she enjoys things and really adjusts to any situation or place. She is amazing!

Before MK could call it a day she spent some time "just a swingin" with Ninom (aka Trenholm).

Oh, and this last picture is especially for Uncle Kyle and Tabitha. 


Kathy Hardison said...

It just doesn't get much better than today! Thanks for asking us :) LY&MY already

AMY said...

I am officially ready for Folly now. ha ha!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like y'all had a great day! Maybe we will see you out on the lake sometime soon.
Wendy H.

Heather said...

What great pictures. She is absolutley adorable in her little swimsuit.

The Bridges said...

How fun! I love the pics of her in her life vest!

The Fricks said...

What a wonderful trip!! Our babies love the water and anything associated with it. Its nice to share something with the kids that you love so much. I'm glad you were able to do that too. Have fun in the water MK!!

Jenny Garris said...

I bet your cheeks hurt from smiling!! What great pictures, and isn't it great that Travis got to be the worrier for awhile and you were so calm and at ease?
So happy for you! :)