Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pampers update.

Last night we encountered even more "soaking". Morgan Kate slept for almost twelve hours so everything was drenched. I took the advice from several people and purchased a pack of Huggies Overnights. And I had a coupon. Nice. My only hesitation with the Overnights is that they start in a size 3 and Morgan Kate isn't quite there yet. Actually I don't really know what she weighs so she may really be a size 3. Anyway, I bought them and put one on her tonight. It was larger than her usual diapers, but still fit okay. I'll keep you posted on how they do. Maybe I could get a part time job testing out diapers...

Questions. Tonight I have two questions. Well, maybe more.

My first question regards Gerber Puffs. Actually it's several questions, but they all pertain to the Puffs. I bought some Puffs today and opened them and several questions popped in my mind. Oh, and I also tasted them. I know that they claim to "melt in your mouth", but it took a while for mine to melt. Maybe I didn't have enough drool, I'm not sure.
At what age did you start giving your baby Puffs? 
I realize they are supposed to melt, but what if your baby swallows first, can they choke on a Puff?
Did you find that your baby liked Puffs? 
Did you give your baby the entire Puff or did you break it up?

My second question is in regards to a "sun tent". Our annual beach trip is in 31 days and I am already "packing in my mind". I absolutely cannot wait!! I found two tents (tent one and tent two) at Babies R Us today and I was wondering if anyone had ever tried either or had another tent in mind. I would love any advice/help.


Paula71 said...

Tent 1 all the way. It is cuter and has more floor space.
I am going to give you my professional(childcare provider) opinion. I have started these things as early as 7 months. Most of them start at 8-9 months. I have never had a child choke on them. The more drool they have the better. Also they usually will smush them by sucking on them and then swallow them. I don't break them up as they are much harder for little ones to grasp that way. The kids seem to love them. They seem to like the banana ones and the sweet potato ones better. I recommend them to all the parents as a first finger food along with cooked canned green beans and carrots from a can(they are softer than the frozen ones). I have been in childcare with this age for 17 years and am so glad they came out with that line of foods for babies. I tend to shy away from the biter biscuits as they break off in big choke hazard hunks

SKomarnicki said...

Hi! You don't know me, but I've been following your blog b/c I saw it linked to Burkett Bundle's blog. I've very much enjoyed it, by the way! We have almost 4 month old twins, and we just bought 2 kidco peapods... I hear they are great b/c you can use them for sleeping AND in the sun! We bought ours off of ebay, but they are still brand new. We are using them for the first time this weekend for them to sleep in since we are going out of town, but I've heard great things! They went together very easily and come with a little carrying case. Just thought I'd give you my thoughts! :)

The Q family said...

Each of my kiddos started puffs at different times. Once they got the spoon thing down, I'd break the puffs(maybe into 3-4 pieces) and place it in their mouths to see what would happen. If they gagged on it(my babies have MAJOR gag reflex!), we stopped trying for a week or so and then try again(it would be next to impossible to choke on 1/4of a puff!). Once they could get that down, we would make the pieces bigger until they could handle the whole thing. Then I'd just pour it on their trays and watch them learn to grasp. The Gerber Yogurt Bites were a favorite as well! Good luck. Whenever we had leaks, I'd know it was time to move up a size! The weight on the packages never held true for my kiddos!

Stephanie said...

I am shocked that you are having problems with pampers. I absolutely adore pampers and won't use anything but them and have never had a single problem. I on the other hand hate huggies! I think it's the feel of them mainly that I don't like. Although every parent likes different things and what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another. I hope the huggies work well tonight and she wakes up dry!

Allie loved the puffs although she'd eat and then rub her hands in her hair :) Caleb will still try and grab some of hers if I'm not watching too. She was around 7 months when I gave them to her and we had no problems...didn't break them up either...good first finger food along with cheerios.

Deni said...

Oh man, Parker LOOOOOVES Puffs! I started him at maybe 10 months on them. I wanted him to have a least one or two teeth. And they are hard to melt. I always cut them in little pieces so if he did swollow them whole, he wouldn't choke. Now, he eats them just fine.

I found that cherrios are a lot better at "melting" in their mouth than the puffs. And rice crispies, they are small and you can even get the big puff kind now - they melted better too.

Maybe baby mouths are wetter than ours - I don't know.

I know nothing about sun tents sorry!

I do want you to do a background and a header for me. I didn't forget, but it got put on the back burner. Let me think about it...I have a general idea of what colors I want (brown, blue and green) lightish blue and lightish green) I will email you all this.

I need to figure out what else I would want...and pictures.

Oh and SYTYCD = So you think you can dance!

Misty said...

Heather I never broke up the puffs for T & J...and I think I started with them about 7 months or so. I do have a diaper suggestion. I had the same problem with my boys with soaking through their diapers and I found these pads at Publix called Diaper DOublers. I only used them at night...let me know what you think!

caryn said...

I too started my little one on the puffs at about 7 months and never had a problem and believe me I was paranoid but she did wonderful. Funny story, one morning I was getting ready to give her a bath so I gave her some of the Sweet Potato ones while I gathered everything, well, I went to wash out her ears and one ear had a masive orangey build up. I did start to panic until I washed the other one and it had the same build up but it was still in the star shape of puffs!

Hollie Heming said...

Will hates the puffs. He has always preferred Cheerios instead (plain not honey nut). I have a sun tent you are welcome to try out before your trip. Will didn't care for it at the beach. He stayed in it all of about 10 minutes. If you decide you like mine, I'll sell it to you at a discounted rate :).

Jenny Garris said...

We have a tent similar to #1--you're welcome to borrow if you'd like! We've never used it, so I can't say how well it works.
Joel ate puffs at around 6 months. A little earlier than most, be he was teething like crazy so lots of drool and he liked to chew. He still likes the sweet potato ones the best! I bet MK will really like them!
As for diapers, I think they are like women's jeans---it depends on your body shape. Different kinds fit different people. We just went to a size 4 but Huggies works best for us. Also, invest in some waterproof covers for the bed that go on top of the sheet--it saves so much time, especially in the middle of the night, you can pull it off and put them right back to bed on the regular sheet!
It seems like yesterday that you were measuring MKs formula in cc -- now she is eating real food- wow! So wonderful!

alexandrea said...

go for a slightly bigger size
cabana, that way you and mk can both be under
they are around he same price, we have a bigger one and do enjoy it for being able to sit under.

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