Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thanks to Pampers I now have all of this to wash. 

All of this was accumulated in a matter of hours. Morgan Kate hasn't had this much dirty laundry in one day since her first few days at home. 

While Morgan Kate was in the NICU they used Pampers. When we came home we continued to use Pampers and even told my mom that Pampers was the only brand we would use. (By the way, all new parents say stupid things. That just happened to be one of ours.) We were very fortunate to receive lots of diapers as gifts, most being Pampers, so we didn't have to buy them ourselves for quite some time. Once we finally started having to use our own hard earned money, we opted for Luv's. A fifty pack of Luv's from Wal-mart will run you $7.47. Sounds good to me. Anyway, we started using Luv's and were pleasantly surprised. They were great diapers, held up well and were more cost efficient for us. And Morgan Kate seemed to be satisfied with our choice as well. 

Recently Morgan Kate has slept through the night a time or two. She usually sleeps through the night for two days and then she's up once a night for the next five. Something like that. I began to notice that when she slept all night her clothes were a little wet the next morning. They weren't soaked or anything, just slightly wet right above her diaper. It happened several times and I decided that maybe Luv's was a good brand, but not the brand we needed for all-night wear. So I decided to invest in the pricier brand, Pampers. I figured she could wear Luv's during the day and Pampers at night. Pampers had always worked for us before and I assumed they would work for us again. Ha. So much for my assumptions. 

For the past several days and nights Morgan Kate has been wearing Pampers. The first night she wore them she slept for five hours and then woke up crying. I tried to let her soothe herself, but she continued. I finally went in her room only to find her completely soaked. Her clothes were wet, her blanket was wet and her sheets were wet. Not so much fun at any time of the day, but especially not fun at 1:00 am. Not wanting to put the blame on Pampers, I accredited MK's "soaking" to a full bladder, much more full than usual. 

Not so much. Six hours later when she awoke the second time she was again, soaked. This continued to happen for the next three nights and I even encountered some "soaking" during the day. 

Today, after three different outfits and two different blankets, I made an executive decision. We are going back to Luv's. 

I hate to point fingers and put blame on Pampers, but I really have no choice. I guess it's possible that I got a bad batch, but really, what are the odds of that? 

On a completely different note, check out my baby girl doing big girl things. She can now sit up for quite some time using the boppy for support. 


Kathy Hardison said...

What a big girl! Cutie outfit too :) Guess I will be buying Luvs for our house. Whatever it takes to make our MK happy and comfortable. LY&MY

Justin and Jessica Jones said...

This is SO funny. Tonight at supper Hollie and I were just talking about diaper brands. Madeleine wore only Pampers, and I thought they did pretty well with only minor incidents here and there. Poor Micah has never experienced brand name anything...I tried the Sam's diapers, and they have served him well...who knows. I really think it is more about the snug fit and how they position themselves when they are sleeping. Oh well...live and learn. Just wait until you potty train MK and have to wash sheets, pjs, undies and clothes...2-3 times a week...that's when the real fun starts. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

She has the cutest smile! She always looks so happy.
Wendy H.

Megan Thiel said...

She is such a big girl! She will be sitting up on her own in no time and then crawling all over! We were big fans of the Pampers swaddlers, but they were pretty expensive so we switched to Luvs and have used them ever since. They have always served our kids well! I have always had good luck getting their diapers on www.diapers.com. Free shipping if your order is over $50. It is cheaper online for us than in Target or Walmart. At least in Phoenix anyway.

Newman Family said...

We use huggies overnights at night time because we were having the same problem. They work really well.

Hollie Heming said...

Such a happy baby!
When Will goes through "wetting" phases, it usually means it is time to move up a size. You might try that :). Love you

Deni said...

Strange - we only use pampers and have never had that the issue with Parker. In fact, I had more issues with Luvs and Huggies. I couldn't stand huggies, they never fit him right and luvs were ok, but I felt like they didn't absorb as well. So Pampers it has been! (Not to say what you are going through isn't legit. - we all like the diapers we like!)

Whitnie said...

We always always ALWAYS use Pampers and we love them. We tried several other brands trying to find a cheaper alternative but we always had leak issues with the others. Not with Pampers. I guess some brands just fit differently on some babies. I will say, however, that we like the Baby Dry kind instead of the Cruisers. Which ones were you using?

Los Bianchi said...
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Los Bianchi said...

She looks so cute sitting. It won't be long before she just wants to sit all day! I also used pampers and about a month ago started experiencing the same problem. We switched to Huggies and have no problems at all. A friend of mine also had the same problem. So i'm not a big fan of pampers. They worked well for a while but as soon as she started to gain more weight she was leaking all over.

CAW said...

I have to say we only used Pampers because Carley had such sensitive skin and would break out in a rash if used anything else. They worked really well for us- but we did actually get a "bad" batch one time- I thought oh well- one bad batch out of 100 is not bad. But my mother in law is not the oh well kind of lady- she would have nothing to do with a bad batch- she called Pampers and told them our issue and guess what- they apologized and sent us a coupon for a "batch" of free replacement diapers. So my suggestion would certainly be to call them- and I am sure they will accept responsiblity and replace your "bad batch"
Unfortunatley they dont send a person to come wash all the soiled clothes- as I may have opted for that!! (i hate to wash clothes)

Anonymous said...

Heather, We had the same problem, but we figured out why. Pampers has 2 different types of diapers. We use the crusiers, and we found out that they hold more. I can't remember if they make those in her size, but Abby very rarely wakes up soaked or even a litte wet. We looked at the 2 different types of diapers that pampers makes and it was like night and day. The crusiers are made to absorb more and the other one isn't. Since we have figured this out, we haven't had a problem since! Hope this helps!

Jessica Osborne