Monday, June 15, 2009

Yesterday with lots of hand sanitizer and Morgan Kate in tow I headed out to help with a baby shower for one of my dearest friends, Liz. I must say that it turned out perfect. A beautiful "mommy to be" (she is super cute), fabulous decorations, terrific and tasty food, and wonderful company. It was a great day indeed.

"Mommy-to-be" with MK

Not only was it awesome because we were celebrating and honoring Liz and her upcoming arrival, little Miss Neeley Anne, but it was also really neat because many of us have been friends for a very long time. We go back through college, high school, middle school, even down to elementary school. Some go even further back. I just think it's really special that we have all maintained our friendships and still manage to get together every so often. 

Neeley is due in early August and I am so anxious to meet her. It seems like many of my friends are expecting girls and it makes me smile. Of course I love little boys too, but all these girls mean more and more friends for Morgan Kate. Hopefully she will be able to have the same kind of friendships with them that I have been fortunate to have with my friends.

MK already hanging out with one of her newest friends, Caroline

Oh, and I almost forgot. It was also a really special day because Morgan Kate was making another debut. Liz, along with several other friends, came to see Morgan Kate while she was in the hospital and super itty bitty, but hadn't seen her since. Liz asked me to bring Morgan Kate to the shower and I happily obliged. I was so excited to share her with everyone. It was a moment I have waited a really long time for. And I did bring my hand sanitizer. 


Los Bianchi said...

So happy your out and about with Morgan Kate.

It's so wonderful to see how everyone appreciates the life of your baby girl!


PS: Hope one day you plan a trip to Guatemala so this little angels can meet an also be friends!! =)

Liz and Tony Mitchum said...

Awe Heather - it was such a special day - I got to meet Morgan Kate and Caroline - see Lila and send a wonderful day with my besties! It was wonderful - Morgan Kate is so sweet I loved holding her. She is so alert and it is amazing to see you with her, she is such a blessing and I am happy for you! I can't wait until all of these girls can get together! Love you....Liz

The Bridges said...

She is just too precious! She seems to really be enjoying life...always smiling...its beautiful!

Kara Corbett said...

I had a great time with Morgan Kate! I was so excited to finally see her in person! She is so cute!