Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Morgan Kate has her first "boo boo". Well, I guess technically it's not her very first. The night we brought her home from the hospital I decided to clip her fingernails. What was I thinking? I clipped her pointer finger so short that it bled for what seemed like hours. But, this is her first "real" boo boo that was not inflicted by someone else. Tuesday during our therapy session she was banging on a toy. One time she happened to "bang" too hard and it flew up and hit her in the nose. She immediately began to cry. Big cry. Big tears. Broke my heart in half. I tried not to scoop her up immediately, but after about two seconds I gave in. At first I wasn't sure if it was her nose or her finger or head or what. However, after only a few minutes it was clear that it was her nose. I know you guys are going to look at these pictures and die laughing. Not at her. Not at the "boo boo". But, you are going to laugh at me for making such a big deal about a tiny, tiny scratch. Sorry. It was a big deal to me. I'm just glad that it doesn't seem to be bothering her today.

Something as simple as taking a shower and getting ready actually takes a lot of work when you have a baby. Each day I have to plan out when all of that will take place. Will I attempt to do it while she is napping? Will I try before she wakes up? Yeah right. Or will I pull her bouncy seat in the bathroom and entertain her while I shower and get ready myself? When, oh when, will all of this take place. I have tried all of the above, well, except for the get ready before she wakes up part. Anyway, each way was pretty effective until recently. Just recently she has grown tired of the bouncy seat. When I try to put her in it she throws her self backward and begins to scream. Usually I can put her in the bouncy seat just long enough to shower, but that is it. If I need to dry my hair or put on deodorant or apply makeup, it's over. So yesterday I tried the Bumbo chair. While I was showering she lounged in the bouncy seat and only whined periodically. However, while I was "getting ready" I put the Bumbo on the counter and sat her there. She LOVED it! She loved the chair. She loved watching herself in the mirror. And she loved digging in my make-up bag even more. Such a girl.

During therapy this is just one way we work on sitting.

And apparently all that work pays off. 


Heather said...

Oh my, look at her sitting. What a big girl she is getting to be. It is too funny about getting in the makeup case. I don't wear a whole lot of makeup and most days don't wear any at all but find it funny when my 4 year old asks to wear makeup to go to bed. Of course I don't let her but she still wants to.

Melissa and Sam said...

She's doing a great job of sitting all by her big girl self! It was GREAT seeing you and MK today! She's such a happy baby! Oh, and Happy early Anniversary! Your four year mark will be here in about 7 minutes (he, he)!
Love you,

jan kessler said...

Happy Anniversary......

Love you guys,

Aunt J

Justin and Jessica Jones said...

Happy Anniversary. I will have to send you a picture of Micah's most recent boo boo. Let's just say I called him "Bruiser" for a few days. Glad to see you are doing well.
Love you!

Anonymous said...

So many things to celebrate! Morgan Kate's amazing accomplishments- to be honest...I kinda feel like she could slow down a bit I mean a tooth one day, sitting up the next and now she is already into the makeup - LOL. Happy Anniversary! I can rememeber our days of wondering when you and Travis would get married to the day I stood next to you when you did! Time just seems to fly by at its own pace. It has been an amazing four years for you both and I can't wait to see what the next four brings! :)

THE SPIVEY"S said...

Love the of her digging through your make-up bag. How cute is that. She is just adorable. It is all over from there I hear. It starts with make-up and then it turns into high heels and big poofy dresses...ha.

sherry pyle said...

Well, every Mom knows a booboo is a booboo especialy when it produces tears and bleeding!!!1
She is such a doll.
She is doing so well! Just look at how she investigates that bag!!!!
Glad her booboo wasn't any worse. The first of many.
My Grand daughter gets misquito bites and swells and at two and a half I still cringe!!! We just can't stand to see them hurt. Of course to make them strong I try to pass injuries and bites off as if Oh no big deal. Yet like I said I still cringe!!!
Thank Heavens for little girls!!!!!!