Wednesday, August 12, 2009

FYI - This is a very random post.

In twelve days my baby girl will a year old. I can hardly believe it myself. When people say that time flies when you have a baby, they really mean it. Really. One minute their heads are bobbling around and they can barely smile. The next minute they are babbling away, attempting to crawl, cutting teeth, smiling all of the time and getting ready to turn 1!. Wow! Time slow down, please.

Tomorrow many of my friends head back to school for the start of a brand new school year. I'll be thinking about them and praying that it's a great day and a great year. It feels very awkward to not be getting my room ready, making my annual trip to Educational Wonderland, working on beginning of the year lesson plans, making name tags, etc. I mean I haven't worked in over a year, but I did go last year and get everything in my room ready. My room was about 90% done and there were only a few things that needed to be wrapped up before the students returned. So that part definitely feels different.

Yesterday we went several hours without water. I didn't actually realize how much I used water until we didn't have it. Our water came back on early yesterday evening, but we are still under a "Boil Water Advisory". Ugh! Washing bottles and making formula has become an all new experience. I can't WAIT for our regular water to come back!


Heather said...

That stinks about the water. You really don't miss it until you can't use it. Kind of like when your electricity goes out and you have to use the bathroom in the dark. Not fun!

I can't believe that Morgan Kate is turning one in a few days. I think that I started reading when she was about 6 months old or so. Maybe she was a little older. Time does fly. Just wait until your first starts school. That is what is happening in our house tomorrow. It will be a sad yet happy day for momma.

jan kessler said...

This past year has been packed with excitement, tears, joy and lots of prayer. I thank God for answering our prayers for you, Morgan Kate and Travis. She will turn a year old in a few short days, but her Mommy will turn a year older in 3 days. Happy Birthday early. Love you guys,

Aunt J

Justin and Jessica Jones said...

It is crazy to think that almost a year has passed since MK was born. School was good today, and we are as busy as ever trying to get everything done. Miss you...
Love ya!