Monday, September 14, 2009

Baby Legs
imagine the tune, "Baby Love" by the Supremes

Ohh baby legs, my baby legs

I need you, oh how I need you

Cause you really help me crawl

Protect my knees and break my falls

Tell me, where would I be

If you weren't covering my knees

Baby legs, ooh baby legs.


Jenny Garris said...

Hilarious!! Cute pictures too!

Kathy Hardison said...

That is too cute! Love those baby legs but more importantly love that sweet baby! Miss you MK!

Anonymous said...

Ha, that is great Heather! I actually bought some of these for Abby Mills b/c I saw how you loved them so much. I can't wait to try them on her. By the way, you were so sweet to send a gift to the shower. I am so sorry that I missed you. Hopefully we can all get together after I have the baby, only 4.5 more weeks. My c-section was scheduled for 10/16, I am so ready! Have a good one!
Lindsay M

Melissa and Sam said...

Needed this pick me up! Hilarious!!

Heather said...

Too cute. I don't have any baby legs but they are adorable.

Trish said...

Oh we loved baby legs for crawling (and for under dresses in the fall.) :) Target sells the BL brand but also has a Circo brand that's only like $3.99 - what a deal!!