Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cold. Congestion. Cough. Flu. H1N1. RSV. All words that make me nauseous. And unfortunately those are words I hear more frequently now that fall is approaching.

Today we had an appointment with Morgan Kate's pulmonologist, Dr. B. We were actually discharged back in March because she was no longer on oxygen and no longer needed any medications for her breathing. However, since that time she has started a daily breathing treatment (inhaled steroid) and she has also needed an oral steroid and lasix at one point. Our appointment today was for two reasons. One, we wanted to get Dr. B's take on Morgan Kate's breathing and two, we wanted to see if she would qualify for the Synagis shot (RSV) again this October.

We don't see any huge problems with Morgan Kate's breathing. But we were concerned because she is still using an inhaled steroid and because at times, especially during therapy or while crawling, she begins to pant and seems very out of breath. The inhaled steroid that she receives daily does seem to help. Prior to the steroid she had very little stamina or endurance because she worked so hard to just breathe. Dr. B agrees that at this time we do need to keep MK on an inhaled steroid. She has been receiving this through her nebulizer, this noisy machine that looks like a penguin. Using the nebulizer is hard work. It has this mask that is supposed to go over her face. She pulls at it and squirms and in the end I'm not really sure how much of the steroid she is actually getting. Dr. B suggested that we try an inhaler. It's the same type of medication just administered differently. I used it tonight and it was terrific. The nebulizer takes about ten minutes and the inhaler took all of ten seconds. Beautiful! At this time Dr. B feels like her breathing issues can be controlled with the inhaler. However, he said that if things change any or begin to worsen then we will have to be more aggressive (whatever that means).

MK also qualified for the Synagis shot. She will receive a monthly shot from October until February. When we were discharged in March we were told that she probably wouldn't qualify. Yes, she was extremely early. Yes, she has chronic lung disease. But, if the same child that was early and has chronic lung disease doesn't need oxygen or steroids 6 months prior to the new RSV season then they don't qualify. Personally, I think that's junk. I think any child born early, especially those with CLD, should automatically qualify until at least age 2. Just my personal opinion. Anyway, since MK was so early, has CLD and still needs the nebulizer/inhaler and because she has also taken an oral steroid and lasix in the past six months then she qualifies. I was super excited. Not so much excited about the fact that she will have to get a shot, but super excited that we get another season of coverage. She will also get a flu shot next week and the H1N1 when it's available.

I asked Dr. B about any precautions for the fall and winter months. He said that we do not need to hibernate like we did last year. We do still need to practice good hand washing and keep MK away from people that are sick. We also need to avoid daycares, church nurseries and the state fair, but we don't have to quarantine ourselves. MUSIC TO MY EARS. I was not looking forward to another fall/winter cooped up between these four walls. However, I know myself and I know how I freak about MK's lungs and breathing. With that said, I know that we will stay away from large crowds and avoid certain places. And I will also have my sanitizer with me 24/7. Recently I have been more lax about it, but that's all about to change.

I guess with all these shots and vaccines and precautions my nausea might subside some. MIGHT. Not making any promises.

MK in her new dress from Ma-Ma and Aunt Jan


Heather said...

I am so happy for you that MK had to be on the inhaled steroids and lasix. I know that sounds bad but if she hadn't been on them she might not have qualified for the RSV shot.

Anyway, I am so happy for you that there is an RSV shot. My oldest was born in October at 36/6 but was under 5 lbs. She probably would have been a candidate for the RSV shot if they had been available. Since this was 5 years ago, they weren't (at least not to my knowledge) and she ended up getting RSV the following February. It was not fun. I knew something was wrong for a week and we caught it in time that she didn't have to be hospitalized. I am so thankful for that. We had to do breathing treatments every 4 hours round the clock for 3 days and then she did a round of oral steroids for a week or so. It wasn't horrible but I would never wish that upon any parent or child.

Be thankful for the things which might not be blessings at the time. The might be a blessing down the road.

Newman Family said...

That is great the Morgan Kate qualifies for the RSV shot again. I talked to the person in charge of setting up the RSV shot at Brandon's pulminologist's office two days ago. He was discharged in April but told me to call back in September to see if he will qualify. She is going to submit the paperwork to the insurance company but doesn't seem to think he will qualify. I am upset that he probably won't qualify. He was a 26 weeker and even though (knock on wood) he hasn't had any problems yet I still like the protection that the shot offers. I am keeping my fingers crossed that she is wrong. I teach kindergarten and just went back after being off for 16 months due to bedrest and staying home with Brandon and am so afraid that I will be bringing things home to him. Plus he is at two babysitters now. One has a 9 month old and the other has an 11 month old, twins who are in kindergarten, and is also watching an 18 month old so I worry about him catching something from one of them. Unfortunately I have no choice but to send him since I needed to go back to work.

Sherry Pyle said...

I wanted to comment on your blog that mentions Bows.
When my daughter was groing up I never used them. i didn't even like them.
Now her daughter has curly blond hair and she is almost never without a Bow!!!
I love her Bows!!
Even when we are just at home her hair is usually fixed and has a Bow. So much fun!!!
Why the change? I have no idea its not like I have toms of time, but there is always time to fix the Bows!!
She has a special pretty box for all her bows and the bands that won't break her hair.
Soon we will have grown out of that box!!
When Morgan Kate has more hair you also will have so much fun.
The new pictures are adorable.
I think her face shape looks just like her Daddy.
She is so adorable.

Melissa and Sam said...

Love the new blog look. My signature is also ny name with a pink heart...but it loads funny! Yeah for another season of coverage! She is doing super! I am getting the flu shot at the end of this month- to protect Caroline. She is getting it Oct. 1st. I haven't decided about the H1N1 for her. I have heard that they don't know the reactions from it for children b/c it is so new! Let me know what MK's doctor says about it. Also, we are starting to wake up in the night again- 3ish 4ish. Any suggestions? She was hungry at the 3ish time... She hasn't done this since 9 weeks but I have a friend that said her 6 month old starting waking up at night... She could be having a growth spurt. She weighs 15 8 now and is 26 1/4 inches! I will call you!

jan kessler said...

Isn't she adorable. All she needs is some sparkle flip flops and a bow that sparkles to match her outfit. MaMa said she is precious and that is a good picture of all of you. We Love you guys. Can't wait to see you guys again. Glad she quallifies for the shots.

Aunt J

THE SPIVEY"S said...

Just saw the video of MK crawling and that is awesome. WOW, do they grow up fast or what. Everytime I look at Christian I just can not believe that he is 9 months old. I am sure (actually, I know) that you are the same way with MK. I wish I could just bottle him up and keep him at one age for a while. Before I know it I am going to be taking him to get his driver's license and talking to him about girls...AHHHHHHH!

Lorena Carrillo de Bianchi said...

Happy to hear that you will "try" to relax a little this winter and that she will be covered for another RSV season!

She looks beautiful in her new dress... she has grown a lot of hair, looks absolutely gorgeous!


Anthony's Mommy said...

That nebulizer is a pain, especially as they get older. We user the inhalor and use the tube thingy (don't know the name) works so much easier. We only use it on a as need basis now.

The second year of RSV season is much less scarier then the first. And btw anthony qualified for the synagist shots the second year no problem.