Friday, September 25, 2009

I have never liked getting shots. I mean really, really never liked it. As a child if I ever had to get a shot I would make my mom hold my hand and talk to me the entire time. I would literally squeeze the color out of her poor hand. Right before the shot I would get very clammy and start to turn ghost white. When I was fifteen I had hernia surgery and spent several days in the hospital. On my second day there the nurse came in with pain killers via a shot. I kicked and screamed like a two year old. Quite embarrassing. And I usually always chicken out when there is a blood drive. As an adult I have gotten some better. Some being the keyword. I have to have blood drawn every six months to check my thyroid levels. And at this point I have had numerous IV's, injections, blood draws, and just shots in general. I no longer need my mom to hold my hand or talk to me, but I still do get really anxious and find myself nervously chatting to the nurse.

While I like to think that my getting older and wiser has made shots easier, I really think it's because of Morgan Kate. I mean since day one of her life I have watched my poor baby girl be pricked and poked. She used to have her heel pricked numerous times a day. She's had a broviac, IV's, blood transfusions. Lots and lots of needles. Since coming home from the hospital she has had numerous immunizations, blood drawn and several Synagis injections. Through all of them she has been quite the trooper. The only time she has really been upset or cried for a long time was right after her one year immunizations. She is so brave and I am striving to be more like her.

Today was no different. I took her this morning to have her very first flu shot. I was a little anxious as to how she would react. I mean if she's anything like me then she would be screaming and kicking and crying her eyes out. Thankfully, she's not like me in that respect. I packed several toys and even took a bottle in hopes that one of those things would comfort her. In the end we didn't need anything. The nurse came in, played with MK for a few minutes, gave her the shot and that was that. No flinch. No tears. No crying. What a relief! And what a brave and courageous little girl. Again, she amazes me.

Oh, and as of today Miss Morgan Kate weighs seventeen pounds!


Sherry Pyle said...

I have said it before this little girl has some grit to her!!
You go Morgan Kate! She's going to show us all how to be a really strong female!!!
She is such a doll!!!!!!

Heather said...

Way to go MK! You are such a big girl. I still get a little apprehensive when I have to get a shot and I am almost 30!

I can't beleive that she is 17 lbs. She is getting so big!