Monday, September 28, 2009

Sometimes Mondays are hard. It's hard getting up. It's hard getting motivated. And it's hard thinking about the fact that the next weekend is five days away.

This Monday proved to be different. Well, almost. It was still hard getting up this morning, but then it's hard for me to get up any morning. I love sleeping and I seem to sleep my best early in the morning. Ha! However, the minute I walk into Morgan Kate's room my grouchiness and sleepiness just fade away.

This Monday was a great day. Full of laughs, smiles, songs, and getting things done. We began the day with our very first speech session. It went so well and Morgan Kate worked extremely hard. We worked on signs for more, eat and ball. And we worked with cause and effect games, as well as joint-attention skills. Are you impressed with my technical words? After speech we headed home and spent the afternoon doing laundry, eating pasta, cleaning our outdoor rocking chairs, riding in the wagon, watering the flowers and singing. One song in particular was "If You're Happy and You Know It". Morgan Kate loves this song and I love her expressions. To experience this first-hand, or almost first-hand, be sure to check out the video below. Oh, and try not to pay much attention to my singing voice. I usually only sing for Morgan Kate. And maybe Travis, sometimes. Maybe.


Later this evening we enjoyed a nice dinner. After dinner, well after Travis and I were finished, Morgan Kate was trying to finish up her last remnants, but was very distracted by her daddy. If this video doesn't make you smile then I'm not sure what will.



Kathy Hardison said...

Gdaddy and I just laughed out loud over the videos - it's ALMOST like being there in person but not quite! It will do until this weekend. LY&MY

The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

You beautiful little miracle, thanks for making me laugh!

Justin and Jessica Jones said...

Love it! Love it! And girl, you don't have to tell me about Mondays...I hate the 5:30 wake up call!

The Fricks said...

Those videos are TOO CUTE!! And the little girl in them is pretty impressive too!!

Heather said...

I just love her little giggle. Baby giggles are the best!

Brent and Kristen said...

Love the laughs. Asher does the same thing. He can be cracking up and then shift, start doing something else, get serious, and then just as easily crack up again. She's too cute.