Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Well, today this mommy faced her fears, put on her big girl pants and got a flu shot. And I didn't even cry. Or get pale. Or whimpy. I was a total trooper. Let me stop. I am giving myself way too much credit here. The truth is, the nurse giving the shot was very calm and really helped me relax. So a big thanks to her!

And a very BIG thanks to CATERPILLAR! Travis works for CAT and today they had an on-site Health Fair. Family members of CAT employees were able to go and get free flu shots. How nice! It was also nice to meet all of the people Travis works with and put faces with names. Morgan Kate fell in love with several of them. After my flu shot we headed out for a pretty nice lunch as well. Morgan Kate really enjoyed herself! She had pasta salad, peaches and puffs.

I feel like I say this everyday, but it's so true, Morgan Kate is growing up so fast. Too fast. Each day she is doing new things and changing so much. Right now she is crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything. And I mean everything. Baskets, chairs, the entertainment center. Everything. I can't turn my head for even a second. We have had to lower the mattress in her crib and "close off" certain areas of the house.

And we have purchased a new car seat. A big girl car seat. Don't worry. I realize she's not twenty pounds yet and that she still must be "rear facing". But, this little girl was completely and totally over the infant carrier. So, we purchased a new car seat that is rear facing until twenty pounds, then forward facing until whatever pounds they are supposed to be and then it converts into a booster. Perfect. She seems to love it. She loves sitting up and being able to look around. I keep telling her that as soon as she gains a little more weight she can turn around. I don't want to rush anything, but I have to admit, I am so ready for her to be "forward facing". I want to be able to turn around and see that pretty little face!

(The new seat has two straps. However, we had just parked and
I was getting her out when I realized that I wanted to take a picture.
I quickly fastened her back in, but I guess I missed one arm.)

This picture has nothing to do with flu shots, CAT, growing up or new car seats. It's just too darn cute not to post!


Jason and Talyse Burkett said...

The videos are awesome and she is just so precious!

I'm wondering what car seats you ended up getting. Ours are about to outgrow theirs in length, but still aren't heavy enough for forward-facing, so we're looking at the 3-in-one seats too. Let me know what you got and how you like it. Thanks!

alexandrea said...

hey heather,
mk looks so cute in her new car seat. What did you end up getting?

have you heard how they now recommend that you rear face until the lo reach two or 35 lbs, and if you can rear face even long the better, it is safer. I too can't wait till I can turn Alexandrea but will wait until she is older for her safety.

chat with you later

Ashleigh Turner said...

Love the pictures of MK in her big girl seat! I can't wait until Caroline is forward facing!! I know she is going to love it! Our ped. recommended keeping her rear facing until 2 also. I was shocked b/c I was counting down the days until we could turn her around - although she just got to 20 lbs.