Sunday, October 4, 2009

Do you see this beautiful, blue-eyed babe?

This is Annie Parker. And Morgan Kate and I were so very lucky and got to have a play date with Annie Parker and her mommy, Jessa, Friday afternoon. We had a terrific time. The babies enjoyed one another and of course, Jessa and I enjoyed "catching up".

We have gotten our little ones together before, but typically they are in the car seats or strollers or we are holding them. This time was different. This time we let them "play" on the floor. And it was hilarious. Or should I say, Morgan Kate was hilarious. She LOVED Annie Parker. She thought Annie Parker was her baby doll. Seriously. She kept pulling Annie Parker's hands and grabbing her face and touching her feet. Morgan Kate was amazed by Annie Parker. When we would put MK close to Annie Parker MK would get so excited. She would start making noises and moving her hands and feet. Then, when we would pull MK away from Annie Parker MK would just cry and scream. I have never seen MK like that before.

But then it makes perfect sense. MK really hasn't been around many other children. Unfortunately, because of her prematurity, my paranoia and our busy therapy schedule we just haven't had many play dates. We were able to get together with a few friends this summer, but that really has been the extent to our outings with other babies. Many of my friends that do have babies have returned to work and our schedules are just really different. However, after seeing MK's reaction Friday I realize that I am going to have to make a point of scheduling other play dates. It is obvious that this girl likes to play and socialize!


Justin and Jessica Jones said...

Those pictures were just so cute. I'm glad you guys were able to get the girls together. It really is important for babies to learn to be around other babies, and I am glad you are looking for opportunities to do this more.
:) Jessica

Melissa and Sam said...

Annie Parker is so cute!

Anonymous said...

We had a ball! We are ready for our next play date :) You got some really good pictures. I love the one of MK looking at AP in her carseat....AP was amazed by her too....she just watched her and took it all in. We have many more fun times ahead to look forward to. Love you.


Hollie Heming said...

AW! I love the pictures! What fun. Y'all need to do that more often. It's good for the babies but even better for the mommies :). Love and miss you.