Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's a sad day around the Callahan household.

Our Diaper Genie bit the dust.

I'm not sure if I broke it, or Travis broke it, or maybe it just broke itself. I don't know. But it stinks. Literally. Our diaper genie has been a lifesaver and I loved it. It's super, super easy to use and keeps the smell away. Completely. But gone are those days. We are now resorting to the trash can and it is just not the same. Smells, smells, everywhere. Ugh!

Today has been a great day. Much, much different from yesterday. I know you guys aren't going to believe this, but Morgan Kate gave me a run for my money yesterday. She was fussy all day long. She fussed while playing on the floor, while in the crib, in the highchair, in the stroller. Everywhere, all day. I got absolutely nothing done and when Travis got home from work I HAD to take a thirty minute break. I was spent. I'm not sure if it was related to teething or reflux or what. But today she has been an absolute angel.

Speaking of reflux. As I have said before, we have been slowly making the transition to whole milk (cow's milk). I thought things were going pretty good. MK was drinking her bottles, keeping them down and seemed to like the milk. However, just in the last two weeks - once we started adding five ounces of milk and only two ounces of formula - she has started with these really wet, nasty burps and awful, awful hiccups. She has also thrown up three times this week right after having a bottle. So, I called the pediatrician today because I thought maybe the milk was causing her reflux to flare up. Before adjusting her meds, the pediatrician wants to try a different type of milk. Either rice milk or almond milk. It could be that the cow's milk is upsetting her stomach. When I was younger I couldn't drink cow's milk or eat ice cream. It made me feel awful. I sure hope I haven't passed this on to MK. Anyway, I will keep you all posted on our progress. I picked up the rice milk tonight. Just our luck, less milk for more money.


Heather said...

It does sound like maybe an allergy to cow's milk. You could try soy milk or rice milk. It has to be cheaper than the formula she is on though, right?

The Q family said...

You could give goats milk a try. It is much easier for her body to digest and still contains the fat that she needs. It might not be work, but I have had friends whose little ones couldn't do cow's milk, but could do goats milk. Just a thought! :)

jan kessler said...

When I was a baby many moons ago, MaMa had to get raw goat's milk and she had to boil it back then, however, I think it has changed and you do not have to buy the raw goat's milk and boil it today. Milk today still gives me a problem so I drink soy milk today. Hope she is able to tolerate the rice milk. Love you guys,

Aunt J