Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I've always had this bad habit of wearing and using the same things over and over. And forgetting about all the other things I have. Prime example. I will wear the same pair of jeans over and over. I wear them, wash them, fold them and put them on my dresser or bed. They never make it to my closet. For weeks you would think I only owned one pair of jeans. I don't though. I own several, but I always forget that the others are at the top of my closet. Another example. Blankets. I will get stuck one particular blanket and forget about the other dozen or so that I have. Unfortunately, that has rolled over into Morgan Kate's things.

Tonight while I was unpacking new diapers and tidying up a bit around her room, I let her play in the closet. While in there she pulled out six or seven blankets that I had completely forgotten were in there. Two even had the tags still on them. Her attention was soon diverted from the blankets to her shoes. Again, something I had forgotten about. There were two pairs that she has worn before, but has now outgrown. There was another pair that had never been touched. Tiny little white patent leather shoes with bows.

Adorable. I slipped them on her feet and they fit perfectly. I thought they were darling and Morgan Kate seemed to be pretty pleased as well.

Now the question is..."Does the no white shoes after Labor Day apply to babies too?" Ha, ha!
And not only a question, but a lesson learned - I have got to start utilizing my closet!


Heather said...

Nah, let her wear her pretty little white shoes. They are really cute!

Lauren Eleazer said...

Let her wear the shoes. I would think she could. In my eyes, she can get away with anything:-)