Thursday, October 15, 2009

Last night Owens and Trenholm came over for dinner. Remember, the chicken parmigiana I blogged about earlier this week. Well, I was so excited about it, that I cooked it again last night for them. Except this time I was too busy talking and burnt the chicken.

It was a great visit and Morgan Kate had a terrific time with Uncle O and Aunt Ninum. Morgan Kate has been staying up later at night (which has equalled sleeping later in the mornings), so she was able to enjoy some good quality time with everyone. She got to experience bubbles with her Daddy and O. Nothing like two men and a baby blowing bubbles. Ha!

Morgan Kate loved the bubbles. She either tried to catch them or eat them.

She and O also built massive buildings and exquisite forts with her blocks. And then Uncle O thought it would be neat to balance blocks on MK's head. MK seemed to think it was neat as well.

After bubbles and blocks, MK thought she would take a sneak peek into Ninum's purse. Just like a nosey, I mean perceptive, little girl.

This cute little tush had a fabulous night.

And she can't wait for Uncle O and Aunt Ninum to come back very soon!

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Heather said...

That little outfit is adorable.