Friday, October 16, 2009

Weekly Wrap-Up

My goal was to be done with formula this past Tuesday. MK has done great with the transition and she was completely ready. The hold-up was the formula. You see, we still have like a 1/3 of a can left and I just can't bring myself to throw that away. It would feel like putting dollar bills in the trash. Ha. So, we will finish this can and then be done.

Speech is still going really well. We absolutely love the office and our SLPs are awesome. Several people have asked, "Well what words has MK learned?" or "What do you do with a one year old at speech?" Well, we don't learn words. Not yet anyway. I'm not an SLP so I don't know all of the logistics and terminology, but I do know that there are pre-verbal skills that a child needs to master before they can actually start speaking. We are teaching MK gestures, imitations, signs, etc. We are working with cause and effect toys/activities. In a nutshell, just getting MK to realize that when she presses the button with the cow on it, then it will moo. We are also trying to get MK to play with certain toys or look at certain books for at least two minutes before trying something new (joint-attention). And, we are teaching MK to respond to her name and understand the word "No". Ha, ha. She has heard the word "No" and I am pretty sure she knows what it means. However, when she is crawling toward her Daddy's guitar and I say no, she stops. She turns around to look at me. She smiles. And then she proceeds back in the direction of the guitar.

Like I said, I love the office, the SLPs and all the different things we are learning. But I will say that speech is hard. It's hard work for the SLPs. It's hard work for MK. And it's hard work for me. She goes twice a week for an hour each time. An hour might not seem like a long time, but it is when you are working with a one year old. Speech also requires a lot of repetition during our visit and once at home. But we are making it and trying to work as hard as we can!

Standing, Cruising
MK seems to be completely over her toys and anything that doesn't require standing. All she wants to do is STAND. And the standing has become cruising and now she is starting to "let go". She tries to let go and grab me or grab the nearest steady object. She is so brave!

I hope that everyone has a fabulous fall weekend!


alexandrea said...

mk is so cut, I can't belive she is almost walking wow

The Bridges said...

i hear you with the formula...when brayden got off nutramigen (finally), I couldn't bring myself to throw any of it away so he ate it until it was GONE! You're so blessed to be done with all that mess! Can't wait the 6 more months to get him off the formula! I can't believe she will be walking any fast time goes!