Monday, October 19, 2009

When Travis and I got married my great-uncle married us. Not only did Uncle JP marry us, but he married my grandparents and my parents as well. He is a very special man. He has such a gentle spirit and speaks in such a calm manner. He tells the best stories and they are so vivid that you feel as if you are right there. He and my great-aunt Sybil live in Florida so we don't get to see them nearly enough. But this weekend we got a very special visit. My cousin Johnny brought Uncle JP and Aunt Sybil to see my grandmother. Thank you, Johnny! While they were visiting with my grandmother we also made a trip so that they could meet Morgan Kate. I am so thankful that Morgan Kate was able to meet all of them and I can't wait to tell her all about them.

Uncle JP (Morgan Kate's great-great uncle), Morgan Kate and Mama Jean

Uncle JP, Mama Jean, MK, Johnny and Aunt Sybil

Morgan Kate thoroughly enjoyed the visit and fell in love with Uncle JP.

Morgan Kate also got to rock in the little rocking chair that I played with as a child.

And she played with this scary cute little doll. Personally, this doll scares me to death and I would prefer my grandmother hide it. However, MK didn't seem to be bothered at all. Go figure.


Kathy Hardison said...

Awesome pictures! I love the one of Uncle J talking to MK - so so sweet! I agree, scary doll but apparently she has had a hard life :)

Heather said...

So precious. I love looking at pictures of the young with the old.

The doll is a little spooky. I think I have to hide it.

Kelly Lee said...

Oh wow...I remember that doll. Funny that she would find that and want to play with it. She is growing so much and I know it made Uncle JP's day:) Can't wait for you to bring her for her first trip to Summerville:)

Jenny Garris said...

You will treasure those pictures forever!!
And I agree, the doll is scary!! :)

Anonymous said...

Heather, this post made me laugh, espically the part about the scary doll. I had a doll like that one when I was little and I called her Baby Sally. My husband and I found her sometime last year, and I was going to let Abby play with her but my husband objected, because he said that she was freakishly scary! She had a rough life! But reading this post and looking at that picture made me laugh out loud, cause I can totally understand the scary baby doll thing!!!!

Jessica Osborne (NICU)