Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This morning Morgan Kate and I were watching the Today Show while eating breakfast. Actually, Morgan Kate was playing with her stethoscope and I was eating breakfast while watching the Today Show. But anyway. There was a special segment about a couple who very recently had quintuplets at twenty-five weeks gestation. I missed the first part of the segment, but was immediately drawn to the TV when I saw the pictures of the teeny-tiny babies. Seeing those pictures brought back so many memories and thoughts and feelings. My chest was burning as I watched.

Later in the day I watched the complete segment online. During the segment they interviewed the parents, as well as one of the doctors. As the doctor was talking I found myself getting so worked up. I kept hearing words and statements like:

"Thirty percent survival rate."

"Huge developmental issues and delays."


I realize that the doctor is stating some of the facts and trying to be honest and open with the parents. I also realize that those words and statements do prove to be true in many situations. And, I realize that ultimately the doctors don't want parents to get their hopes up. However, there is also another side to the coin. A side that I wish could be shared with parents of premature babies. Maybe words or statements such as:
"Twenty-five weekers can live."

"Premature babies can catch up."

"Premature babies can live normal lives."

Again, I realize that not everyone has the same situation as us. However, I know many, many babies right now that were born extremely early. And they have defeated those odds and they are thriving and doing so well. In the beginning, we did worry about Morgan Kate's survival. Yes, it was a long road. Yes, there were good days and really bad days. Yes, there were lots of tears and heartache. But we survived. Morgan Kate survived. And today she is doing so well.

Twenty-five weekers can make it. Twenty-five weekers can catch up. And they can do the things that other children their age do.

I know.

And I know because I have a twenty-five weeker doing just that.


Kathy Hardison said...

I say email the TOday's show and tell them the survival story of MK! She is not only a survivor but a thriver! I love you MK!

Anthony's Mommy said...

in some ways i think its better not to know all the statistics. They are just plain scary!! Its sad.

i know 24 weekers that have done better then Anthony and then i know 28 weekers that have done worse or haven't made it! You just don't know!! And that is the scary part. I also think the situation as to why they were born so early plays a big part into how well they do afterward.

We have both been very lucky with our kiddos. I know parents of preemies that have children in wheel chairs or kids much older then ours that are still on feeding tubes.... We just never know what will be given to us.


jan kessler said...

From a nurse's standpoint, I realize why they tell the parents and families this but why not give them hope. God is still in the miracle business. Just look at our miracle. I agree with Kaky email the Today's show and tell them from yours and Travis' view. Parents need encouragement to get through the day of their little ones lives. Love you guys. Can't wait to see you guys again. MaMa and Aunt J send hugs and kisses.


Aunt J

The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

Yes, MK is a real life miracle!!!

Liz and Tony Mitchum said...

Oh Heather - that brought tears to my eyes, Morgan Kate is a true testimate to precious miracles. She is doing great - you should send an email to the Today Show and send a link to your blog so they can see.
Love you...XOXO

Anonymous said...

I have recently started to follow your blog, and let me say that I love it and I LOVE Morgan Kate. I read this post and I just had to comment. Thank you for your words. I am the mother of twin boys who were born at 25.5 weeks. My babies recently came home and they are doing fantastic! God is defintely still in the miracle business and I love to see that there are other babies who were born as early as ours and who are doing well. There is another side of prematurity, and I think the entire story needs to be told. Again, thank you for your post.

Devin said...

I am a friend of Melissa Leviner. I've heard about Morgan Kate through her and enjoy following your blog. My twins were also born really premature. I'll never forget when I first started talking to the neonatologists. I was so discouraged because I felt like they weren't positive and always told us the worst case scenarios. I definitely know that God is in control and agree with you that other parents should hear the success stories too! :)
-Kathy Henson