Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Calling all mommies. Calling all mommies. Question time.

At least once a month I find myself with some sort of problem or issue that I just can't resolve on my own. Actually, I find myself with these issues much more frequently than once a month, but it seems that I always choose at least one to bring to all of you. There was nap time, then formula questions, table food, time schedules, milk issues and sippy cups. Once again it's sippy cups. And I guess a little bit of milk too.

I hope I explain this right. It all makes sense in my head, but maybe not so much in writing. Here goes...

We are really, really trying to move over to the cup. We are using the honey bear cup, the recessed lid cup and just the plain ole' sippy cup. Prior to this week we would give MK a bottle (7 ounces) as soon as she woke up and then give her food a little while later. While giving her the food we would attempt to give her some sort of liquid through the cup and usually she would refuse. It was almost as if she was full. After her well visit last week we decided to begin the day with food and then give the bottle a little while later. Two reasons for this - one, we were hoping she would eat more food and two, we were hoping she would be more motivated to drink from the cup. Luckily, both things have happened. A little. She is definitely eating more food and taking some from the cup. I really think that if we stick with this we may just have some luck with the cup. Now for my question or questions. While she is eating breakfast, how much milk should I offer her in the cup? And if I give her milk then, like two ounces, do I still offer her five ounces a little later? And at the point should I continue to use the cup or go back to the bottle? OR do I offer her the entire 7 ounces while eating breakfast and not worry about what she doesn't drink? OR do I give her a little at breakfast, then some later on, then start over at lunch? How am I going to keep up with how much milk she drinks through the day or should I not stress about that?

Wow. I had a lot more questions that I realized. And I am probably making this much more difficult than it has to be. And you all are probably laughing hysterically or shaking your heads and wondering what's wrong with me.

I guess it all boils down to the fact that I am still worried about how much she eats and how many calories she consumes. I want to make sure that she is getting as much as possible. And it just seems so much easier to give her the bottle.

By the way, I HATE this cup thing. It's way confusing!


Elizabeth Graham said...

I think Ive actually had some of the same thoughts run through my head at some point or another as well. I can tell you what we do. I'll use Juliana in this since shes closest in age to MK (16 months). In the mornings I feed her breakfast. I dont give her anything to drink before or with her meal because she doesnt eat as much. Afterwards, I fill up a sippy cup with milk (usually an 8 oz cup or so). She'll drink some or all of it and when she puts it down, I stick it in the fridge and give it to her later. I stopped counting oz after bottle days were over, I just offer the cup to her at regular intervals, usually after meals and let her carry it with her for a bit. When its lunchtime, give her lunch then give her a cup of milk- she'll drink what she needs. If you need peace of mind, offer her a bottle before bed. I know a good bit of people who have older children that still have a nightime bottle. Occasionally I slip Juliana one too -Good luck! :)

Lorena Carrillo de Bianchi said...

I like to keep count of how many ounces of milk she drinks and giving her milk while eating made it very difficult to do that. So when I feed her I offer juice or water in the sippy cup, and then after a little while I offer the entire bottle.

She drinks about 3-4 bottles of milk a day of 8 ounces each. She will drink anything from the sippy cup except for milk... weird huh?

Hope this helps!

The Q family said...

Once we got to the point you guys are out, we stopped all bottles. With a couple of the kids, we kept the bedtime bottle, but it was more just because it was part of our routine than that they needed the bottle. I would offer milk in the cup while I made breakfast and then while they ate. I'd put any left over in the fridge and offer it about every hour or so. I'd refill the cup and do it again with every meal. Then one more just before bedtime. I never kept track of ounces, just made sure that they would drink a fair amount. As long as she is eating, and being offered her cup regularly, she will be just fine! I don't miss the days of having to worry if they were getting enough!

Newman Family said...

Brandon FINALLY started to drink out of the sippy cup about 3-4 weeks ago. After 3 days of only drinking from the sippy cup I packed up his bottles. He has been doing really well with the valveless soft spout sippy cups (the Nuby brand). I didn't think I would ever see the day. I give him milk in the cup when he wakes up. He drinks as much as he wants and then I keep the cup out for him to drink from throughout the next few hours. I leave it out for awhile, refrigerate it if it is getting too long, then take it out again. He eats breakfast 1-1 1/2 hours after he wakes up so I give him what is left with breakfast and then fill it again and let him have it as he wants. I have found he is actually the kind of baby who doesn't want it all at once. He is actually drinking more milk a day by letting him drink it as he wants it throughout the day. He walks over to the cup many times throughout the day and picks it up to drink or cries for it now which was never the case with the bottle. The pediatrician said he should only have about 20-22 ounces maximum of milk a day because he gets other dairy products too (cheese, yogurt) that count towards his total milk. I finally stopped stressing over his total amount of milk (a hard thing to do I know with micro preemies) because he is eating his solids well and really seems to enjoy drinking now. I just fill the cup as it is empty. Usually 3 times total it gets filled.

Devin said...

I'm a little behind you with the "no bottle" situation. My twins are 9 months old and I just started trying these sippy cups. We are currently on our 3rd kind. They are doing ok. I like reading your blog to see what works and doesn't. Let us know how it works with the milk in a cup. I just wish there were a directions manual that told me exactly what to do. I'm good at follwing directions! :)
-Kathy Henson

Heather said...

Our pedi's suggestion for eating/drinking after the age of 1 is this, offer diluted juice or water with meals and milk in between. We were offering milk with meals and she would drink the milk and not eat the food. At this age, they need more vitamins and minerals that are in the food that are NOT in the milk. He also said to limit milk to 20-24oz a day so they will eat more food.

We noticed when Audrey did not drink milk with her meals, she ate more food and gained weight faster. I know that her weight worries you. My youngest is 20 months and weighs about 19 lbs. She is tiny and MK will be too. Someone has to make up the lower percentages on the growth curve. That is our babies.

Keep trying the cups, you will find one that you both like. It is frustrating, but you will get there.

Tasha said...

Hey Heather,

Being a mom who had to constantly count how many ounces Brycen was getting it was very hard for me to stop writing down and calculating how many ounces he was getting each day and to give up bottles because I wanted to be sure he had enough. When I finally did let go of my need to "know" how much he was getting it seemed like he drank more and I felt much less stressed. We gave him a cup of milk in the morning and we would leave it out for a little bit and then let him drink as he wanted to. He has never been a child who will sit down and drink a whole cup of milk in one sitting so we just made sure he had atleast 2 8oz cups a day and we were sure to feed him yogurt and other soy products that contained calcium.