Sunday, December 20, 2009

Morgan Kate attended her first "friend" birthday party this afternoon. It was for this precious little boy to the right, Asher. Yesterday he turned a year old. His mommy and I are only four days apart and he and MK should only be a couple weeks apart. Oh, and slowing these two down long enough to take a picture proved to be interesting.

Morgan Kate had a blast. And as a matter of fact, I did too. It was a terrific time in a lovely home with yummy food and great company. There were about six babies in all - ranging in age from nine months to eighteen months. Since we have had to keep MK quarantined at times and because I stay at home with her, I always wonder how she will do around other children. Well, I think I can strike that from my list of things to wonder/worry about. She did amazing. Or at least I thought so. Granted, she was into everything and thought she should help Asher open his gifts, but she played so well with all of the other babies. She crawled all around, pulled up on different things, played with the other children, played with toys and even picked up Asher's sippy cup and drank from it. (See, I knew she could really do it.) Oh, and she may or may not have pulled another little girl's bow out of her hair and tried to take off the little girl's socks. Oops...

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and can't wait to play with Asher again.

Happy Birthday, sweet boy, happy birthday!


Heather said...

Her little legging are so cute. All it takes is a little bit of peer pressure for them to start doing the things that we have been trying to get them to do for weeks. Congrats MK on the sippy drinking eventhough it was someone else's. Heather did you happen to see what kind of sippy it was?

Brent and Kristen said...

Aww, you are on the ball! Sweet post and I'm glad that Asher's was her first "friend" birthday party. It only seems right since you attended about every birthday of mine from probably birth to 16 or so! MK did great. Brent and I were talking last night about how she has such a sweet, gentle personality. I'm sure if she did remove a bow it was with the gentlest touch. : ) You guys are welcome to come over any time so that MK can play with all of Asher's new toys. After everyone left last night, we put him down with all of his new gifts and he seemed to be most interested in the cards! We knew we had a sentimental guy on our hands! : ) Anyway, have a wonderful Christmas! Thanks for making the trip to Lexington. Oh, the sippy is just a Muchkin with the rubber soft spout, no handles.