Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I have been without internet access since early Monday morning and it has been ROUGH. I didn't realize just how much I used the internet or relied on it until this week. I have been lost. Unable to blog, unable to email, unable to chat and even unable to pay bills. Wow.

Thankfully I am back up and running. Almost. I now have internet access, but I am getting ready to send my computer off for repair. Thankfully I will have a laptop to use, but it's nothing like my desktop. I. LOVE. MY. DESKTOP. and I will be lost without it as well.

Here's an update on what's been going on in our lives since Sunday.

MK's bloodwork came back and showed "no allergies". We were thankful for the good results. BUT, still concerned about her runny nose and the rash on her face, which has now spread around her mouth. Dr. G told us to discontinue the Singulair and start a nasal spray. Today the runny nose has been much better and MK has not rubbed her eyes or nose nearly as much. However, we still have the rash. Ugh!

Just this week both of our speech therapists left the agency we are using. I am terribly sad, as I loved them both very much. They were both so good with Morgan Kate and so very patient.

Morgan Kate has been trying to stand on her own for quite some time now. Usually it happens by mistake. For instance, she will be holding on to the couch while standing and then reach up for something, therefore, leaving her standing on her own. The minute she realizes it she falls down or quickly grabs the couch. This week, not so much. This week she has been doing it intentionally and quite a bit. This afternoon she and I were playing on the floor. She must have tried to stand at least a dozen or more times. Seriously. She would do it and then smile really big and clap for herself. Of course the clapping would throw her off balance and she would fall, but then get right back up and try again. It was the cutest thing ever.

Today she also tried letting go of the couch and instead of walking, she dove toward me. It was almost as if she was leaping. Too, too funny. I have got to make sure she realizes that people walk, not fly. Ha!

And last, but not least.
Crazy Comment of the Day
As Morgan Kate and I were shopping earlier today a woman said, "Oh, he's a cutie. And my goodness, isn't he kind of young to have so many teeth?" I politely turned around and said, "He is actually a she. And she's not as young as you probably think she is. She's fifteen months." The lady just sat there. No other comments. And by the way, MK was dressed in green and white stripes with a hot pink hoodie. I haven't seen many baby boys lately dressed in hot pink. But, I'm just saying....


Kathy Hardison said...

So glad you are back up and running...I have missed the updates and I even talk to you every day. We need a few pics of MK modeling all of her Christmas outfits :) LY&MY

CAW said...

Glad to know you are enjoying this December a little better than the last. SHE is so precious!!
To the crazy lady in the store:
Pink is for girls-precious GIRLS!

Jason and Talyse Burkett said...

I'm so glad she's doing so well! It's fun to read about her and think about all of the things we have to look forward to!

It's amazing what some people will say. I had someone tell me that mine couldn't be twins because Kyran is "so much bigger" than Karyssa.

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Anonymous said...

What in the world happened at SpeechWorks?? Email me when you can (or FB me):

Ashleigh said...

Opps - that last comment was from me.