Thursday, December 17, 2009

Today I got smart.

Morgan Kate does not like wearing socks. Or shoes. If I put either of them on before getting in the car, then she will take them off the minute I put her in her car seat. If she's sitting in her stroller she manages to wiggle her little hands down near her feet and again, take off her shoes and socks. This in turn causes people to stare and make comments like, "You should really put socks on her feet", or "Oh my goodness, her poor little feet", or "Ma'am, it's cold out, your baby really needs socks". And don't even think about getting her to wear socks in the house. It's just a lost cause.

Today though, was different. Today, I got smart. We had to run some errands and it was a little chilly out. One of those days where I knew she really needed to have socks on. Since we weren't going anywhere special, just a few stores, I dressed her in some of her Christmas pajamas that have feet. And I put socks on UNDER that.

Her feet stayed nice and toasty. Mommy was happy. And Morgan Kate was happy. It was a good day.


Allison said...

I HATE those comments and get them all the time too. Kennedy takes them off then eats them:(. Then the are soaking wet with drool. I have found one pair she will wear: shiny red leather. She wore them to church the other day and everyone called her Dorthy:(

Justin and Jessica Jones said...
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Justin and Jessica Jones said...

Isn't it so funny that you when you really do want people to share opinions you have to ask them, but when you don't need their "special comments" they seem to flow freely? I remember my X-sister-in-law making the comment about the socks one time. It bothered me then, but now I just have to take side-comments in stride. After all Micah has his front tooth knocked out and Madeleine cut her own bangs a few weeks back, so I'm learning to pick my battles...don't stress about the socks. :) Miss ya...have a great Christmas!

alexandrea said...

hey heather,
we have the same battle with our lo. Plus she is still so tine socks really don't stay on

I did get a pair though of robeez, and she can't get these off. It was great when we had our feezing spell of 10 degrees and she could not get the socks off when we had to venture out. I also picked up a fake pair at tj max, I am hoping they will be the same way for Christmas.

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JULIE said...

I've got the solution! Winter tights. My daughter loves wearing these. They are really soft and wash up well. Walmart has them in every girlie color out there:) Happy Holidays!

Melissa and Sam said...

This is how Caroline sleeps at night with socks...with them under the feet part! We can't keep them on in the day either!

Liz Mitchum said...

Heather - Neeley doesn't like socks either - she has never worn shoes, I am like you - I dont see the point. I dont like socks, so I guess she doesnt either! I love those sleep and play jammies with the feet - Melissa actually gave us some and Neeley loves them....she wears them all the time, at Daycare,home and even on little trips out...

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