Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I was doing great.

She was doing great.

And then it happened.

I gave in and I gave her the "baba".

Morgan Kate has been doing really well with the cup. Thursday was our first day with no daytime bottles. Yahoo! For the most part, it went well. By about 7:30 that evening she was quite the bear and only wanted her "baba". Thanks goodness it was almost bedtime. Friday started out great. Things were going so well, but then she fell and got a boo-boo. The boo-boo turned into a lot of tears. The tears turned into a fussy, fussy little girl who kept saying "baba, baba, baba". So Mommy gave in. Yikes!

However, Saturday, Sunday and Monday were all a breeze and we have been back on track. And I am so proud - of both of us!


Melissa and Sam said...

AW! Giving in is a okay! Love it!

Kathy Hardison said...

Who in the world could look at that sweet face and say no :)

jan kessler said...

Hey MK needed her comfort drink for her boo boo and like your Mom said who could say no to MK. Love you.

Aunt J

Justin and Jessica Jones said...

Wish they made adult size ba bas...oh, they do...Friday's at Happy Hour!

Whitnie said...

hey heather! i've followed your blog since morgan kate was born and i have grown to love your sweet miracle. i never in a million years thought i would ever be able to relate to a lot of what you went through, but all of a sudden this past friday my world turned upside down when my son came into the world early. he's in NICU in room 14 (i think morgan kate was in 8??) and my brain keeps remembering so much i read from your experiences and i wanted to say thank you for giving me hope, even though your words were typed out months and months ago. if you wanna follow my story my blog is http://whitfinklesnop.blogspot.com/ i really enjoy watching morgan kate grow up before my eyes - thank you for sharing her story and your lives with me!