Monday, April 19, 2010

Morgan Kate loves playing in/with water. She loves, loves, loves bath time and also spends a large part of the day sticking her hands and fingers into Cash and Lola's water bowl.

This weekend she discovered a new love. The water sprinkler.

She played in the sprinkler for a long time. At first she simply stood beside it and let the mist hit her face. She then got a little more comfortable and started sticking her arms and legs into it. At one point she even grabbed the head of the sprinkler as if to point in the direction she wanted.

And while she loved playing in/with the sprinkler. She also loved just sitting and watching.

She had an absolute blast and had the biggest smile on her face. Travis and I are already contemplating exactly which water toy we should purchase for this summer.


Heather said...

You should get her one of the little swimming pools that have a palm tree that sprinkles water out of it. She would love that!

Anonymous said...

So CUTE! Carter absolutely LOVES playing in our dogs water bowl. He will take her food bowl (when it is empty) and put water in it from the water bowl and pour it everywhere. He thinks it is so much fun! MK is too cute! Meagan Brockington

MJP said...

Cute cute pictures:)

jan kessler said...

I think you should buy all of the water toys for the summer. Let me know which one I can buy for her.


Aunt jan

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

What cute pictures! She looks so adorable in the last one!