Friday, June 18, 2010

Fall Back Friday

Yet again I am stealing borrowing an idea from another blogger. I get so inspired reading other blogs. This idea came from Stefanie over at Lexie Loo and Dylan Too. Stefanie did a "Way Back Wednesday" and since I already have a theme for Wednesday's I decided to tweak it a little. If you remember I stole borrowed Talyse's idea for Wednesdays. I told you I was inspired. Anyway, I decided to do a Fall Back Friday, where we fall back into older photographs. Thanks to Stefanie and Talyse for the inspiration!

I decided to start this week with a photograph from last year around this very same time. I think it's an amazing look at how far we have come in just one short year. If you look closely you will see wires. At this time last year Morgan Kate was still sleeping with her apnea monitor, not only at night, but during naps as well. We also still had our oxygen tank. We weren't using it on a daily basis, but were hanging on to it in case of an emergency. You have probably already noticed I have a hard time letting things go. And you can't really tell from this picture, but MK didn't have any teeth yet (that came in July) and she still wasn't quite sitting up by herself (that would be a few more weeks). Amazing, huh? I surely thought so.

Oh, and this picture proves to me that MK's hair is indeed growing. Certainly at it's own pace, but indeed it's growing.


Justin and Jessica Jones said...

It's amazing...truly amazing how far she has come.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

She really has come so far! What a cute picture of MK. It took my daughter a long time to grow hair, but now she has plenty of it. ;)