Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Things That May or May Not Surprise You...

1. Morgan Kate still really likes her exersaucer. She loves to sit in it and watch TV while I am drying my hair or folding clothes.

2. Morgan Kate really likes TV and I let her watch it. My parents let me watch TV and I think I am pretty normal and fairly smart. She loves Cailou, Barney and Franklin. I love the Backyardigans, Wonder Pets and Little Bill.

3. Sometimes when Morgan Kate is throwing a fit at home, I just sit back and watch. Sometimes I laugh out loud in my head. I let her throw herself on the floor and work it out herself.

4. One of Morgan Kate's first words was bad. We would always say, "Bad dog", whenever Lola growled or barked. I guess we said it a lot more than we realized.

5. Sometimes I have to leave the room when Travis is disciplining Morgan Kate because I know I will laugh and I don't want her to see me. Sometimes I even start to laugh when I am disciplining her. I'm not sure what I think is so funny.

6. Some weeks I love all of MK's therapy. Others weeks, like this one, I don't. I'm tired. I'm exhausted and I'm ready for a break from therapy.

7. We still give Morgan Kate a bottle at night. We read to her, rock her, give her the bottle and then put her to bed. And we will probably continue to do it until she tells us otherwise. After all, at this point it's not really for her, it's for us. It's the only time of day that we can still hold her and rock her and love on her.

8. Just recently she has begun to take her diaper off. We don't usually encourage this, but last week after the afternoon rain shower it was just too funny. Especially when she took the diaper (and just for the record, it was clean) and wrapped it around her head. What are we going to do with her?


Kelly Lee said...

Of course I notice all her teeth before I notice the diaper around her shoulders-LOL. She's so cute. I say enjoy your night time ritual for as long as you want:)!!! Love you bunches.

Kathy Hardison said...

Love her, love her, love her! Enjoy her, enjoy her and enjoy her some more! Before you blink good, she will be 30 and never need you around any more :) LY&MY

Justin and Jessica Jones said...

You know I'm glad you said that about the tv thing. I know a lot of people who are really against it, and I certainly think that it should not be used for hours upon end. But, I swear my kids really have picked up on some stuff from watching some of those Noggin shows. For example, Wonder Pets did a parody of Fiddler on the Roof. Last summer we actually took Madeleine to a live performance of Fiddler, and she connected the two. each their own, but I watched tv and turned out just fine. And my kids seem pretty normal so far...we'll see if it continues. :) I think it is all about balance, and it seems like you guys know that too.

CAW said...

i see london i see france
where is mk's underpants?
carley still loves Cailou is he still four? he should be seven by now.... how about Curious George?!?

Raven said...

Just like you told me you have to do what is right for your family and no one knows what is right better than you do! Sounds to me like you and Trav have established an awesome bedtime routine that is beneficial for all of you.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

1. My daughter is 3 and still loves to sit in her bumbo. ;)
2. I agree. My oldest wasn't into TV, but my youngest is, and I let her watch.
3. & 5. I do that too!
7. My son took had a nighttime bottle until he was 18 months.
8. She is adorable!!!

Melissa and Sam said...

She's a jewel!