Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Word Wednesday

At this point Morgan Kate will pretty much repeat anything we say. Or at least try to repeat what we say. (When she wants to.) However, this week she has started saying some words without us saying them first and then pointing to those things.


corn - "cone" She will point to the corn on my plate and say, "Cone please".

poo-poo - She will now tell me when she has gone "poo-poo".

She is also singing a lot. Now, most of her songs don't make sense, but she is definitely singing and even attempts gestures. It's the sweetest sound ever.

And she is trying to say names. Of course she knows Daddy, Kaky, Gaga (for my dad), O (for Owens) and Ky (for Kyle). Oh, and don't forget "Bah-bah" for yours truly. But this week she has also said Ah-ee (Ashley) and Ah-er (Asher).

Thank you all for the potty training tips and suggestions. I seriously don't think we are going to attempt it any time soon, but the tips and suggestions will be very helpful once we do. In my little head that seems like a very BIG "project" and I have to really sit and think and wrap my head around every piece of it.

Please say a prayer for this sweet girl.

Ella is our neighbor and she is just the sweetest little girl. She had a seizure last night, very unexpectedly, and had to be taken to the hospital. They are currently running various tests to see what is going on.

Please pray for her, her parents, her little brother and all of her family.


jan kessler said...

Lots of Words, she is growing up so fast. Sweet little girl. Will say some prayers for her. Was she out in the heat along time. It has been so hot. I pray it won't be anything serious. Children having seizures can be scary but the main thing is to be calm and sometimes that is hard to do especially family so I do pray for that little one's parents and family.

Potty training M & M's are good training tips and it has works......


Aunt J

Charlotte said...

I am SOOOOOO thankful you did this post. I have been working with Georgia on her words and she says Dada and BaBa for me...and I was starting to get upset that she wasn't saying Mama....but hearing that this is possibly a very common thing, makes me feel so much better!!!!!

Thinking about that sweet Ella and her family! SO scary!!! Hope she is on the mend and the doctors can find a reason!