Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's not a decision I take lightly. But it's a decision that has/had to be made. The decision to return to work.

Oh, how I wish I could stay at home with Morgan Kate forever. I never expected to be at home. I never thought it could be a reality. It was never in the plan. But then, having our daughter come fifteen weeks early really wasn't in the plan. And bringing our daughter home 107 days later on oxygen and a feeding tube also really wasn't in the plan. So Travis and I have learned that things don't always go as planned. I wasn't sure that I would enjoy staying at home, but I do. I definitely miss my co-workers and I miss adult interaction/conversation (bless the hearts of all who get stuck with me on the phone), but I LOVE being at home with Morgan Kate. It is a dream I never expected to come true and it has been complete bliss.

I always expected to work up until the point she was born and then return as soon as my maternity leave was over. Maybe I would be teaching and start having contractions. Maybe my water would break in the middle of the night and I wouldn't be able to return to work the next day because I would be giving birth. Maybe she would come right before Thanksgiving or right after. She would be born and I would take my maternity leave. I had nine weeks of paid time saved up, plus the two weeks we get for Christmas break. I was looking at eleven weeks of paid time OFF. I already had my long term sub set up and was looking for childcare for when I would to return to work. It was all planned out. Never in the plan was staying at home an option or even something I thought about doing.

Then Morgan Kate arrived. Much sooner than her original due date. And with much different circumstances. Which left us with many, many decisions to make - one being whether or not I would return to work or stay at home. Decisions, decisions. And not easy ones. In the end, as you all know, we opted for me to stay at home. We paid off some debt, made some changes to our finances and learned to live on a budget. Let me rephrase that, we are learning to live on a budget.

And now, it's almost two years later. I have been at home for two years and I have loved every single minute of it. Okay, maybe I didn't love the whole feeding tube thing or all the doctors appointments we used to have. But other than those few things, I have been as happy as a clam. Being at home with her every single day makes my heart happy. It makes me content.

But, I think it's time. Time to make some new decisions. Time to return to work. Not so much because I am really dying to, but I because I know it's right. It's right for me (I think). It's right for Morgan Kate. It's right for my family. And, it's right for my checkbook. Or at least those are all the things I tell myself each morning and each night when my mind is consumed with all of this.

I thought the hard part would be actually making the decision. And believe me, it's definitely been hard. Lots of tears and crying and moping and thinking and praying and wondering and worrying. But now the hardest part is proving to be actually finding a job. I just may have picked the absolute worst time to return to work, especially as a teacher.

One of my greatest lessons since becoming a mom has been patience. I have learned it over and over and over again. And even though I have learned it over and over, it still proves to be one of my greatest weakness. I hate waiting and wondering. So waiting on this job thing and wondering what's going to happen is hard. But I know I must continue to have patience and continue to believe that I will indeed find something.

Until then, I plan to soak up every minute I have here at home with my baby girl.


Women of Prayer said...
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Scott and Malisa Johnson said...

I'm glad you posted on our blog, because then I came here and saw your post today.

I'm in exactly the same place you are. I will return to work in the fall after enjoying every minute home with my sweet kids. I told my husband, Scott, that I feel like the bachelor at the final rose ceremony. I have no idea how to chose between being a stay at home mommy, or returning to work. I want both things.

Good luck with this decision. I completely understand how difficult it is! All I can say is that only people who have ever truly enjoyed their job (like you and me!) can even begin to understand the desire to return. I just wish our district allowed partner teaching! :)

Newman Family said...

I could have written this post a year ago. I also teach and planned on working as long as I could and then taking 12 weeks off and going back. I even had Brandon's daycare picked out. Then he came so early and was home on an apnea monitor with TONS of doctor's appointments and RSV season was starting and there was no way I could return to work. I took a year off to stay home with Brandon. I went back to work this past September when Brandon was 14 months old. The first couple of days were hard but it actually was a lot easier overall than I thought it would be. Brandon has done so well at the babysitter. He really enjoys interacting with children his age. I think it was probably a great thing for me too. I enjoyed my year at home with Brandon but now I really enjoy my time so much more with him.

Is it not an option to return to your same school? We can take 2 full years off where I teach and still have a job.

Jason and Talyse said...

Wow! I know that must have been a hard decision to make! I will be praying that you find a job in God's timing, and I know everything will work out perfectly for your family!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

You have to do what is best for your family. It's such a difficult decision to make. I know I will probably have to return to work one day, when the kids are in school. Part of me will miss being a stay at home mom, but I know I will be doing what's best for us.
Praying for you as you search for a job.

Devon said...

i know this probably wasn't an easy decision for you...i'll be praying for you as you embark on this next part of your journey...i had to do the same thing when riley was born premature....you have had some amazing time with MK and if she goes to preschool (not sure what your plans on) she will thrive!!! riley did so well....i know MK will too!!