Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Word Wednesday

Morgan Kate's new words for this week include:

-Gamecock (ga-ka) She actually said this last week, but I forgot.
-green (geen)
-yellow (yeh-o)
-blue (boo)
-Amen (men)
Here is a piece of our conversation from dinner last night. Travis thinks it's hilarious. I really find no humor at all.

Me: Morgan Kate, where is your nose?
MK while pointing to nose: No
Me: Where are your eyes?
MK while pointing to eyes: Eye
Me: Where is your head?
MK while patting head: Head
Me: Where are your teeth?
MK while pointing to teeth: Tee
Me: MK, where's Da-da?
MK while looking and pointing at Travis: Dada
Travis: Morgan Kate, where's Ma-ma?
MK while looking and pointing at me: Bah-bah
(Then Travis proceeded to do this like 10 more times. Thanks, Trav, thanks.)

Bah-bah?!? Seriously?!? I am MAMA!

This has been going on for quite some time. I don't know where it came from or why she does it, but she does. She can make the "M" sound and she can even say "Mama", but I am still "Bah-bah". What the heck?

Oh, and just some clarification for my wonderful family and friends, who tend to be a little protective of me and of this blog, I did not delete any comments. To my knowledge there was nothing inappropriate or mean. Someone obviously decided to delete their own comment, but I did not. Just wanted you all to know.


Kathy Hardison said...

MK is so smart and we will work on Mama :) Can't wait to see her on Friday (and you and Trav) LY&MY

alexandrea said...

teach her to sign mama, ( thumb to the temple and tap with your thumb)

Lorena Carrillo de Bianchi said...

totally know where you're comming from... Agustina says Papa to Christian even if she looks at him on a picture.. but Mama??!.... not a chance... she calls me Papa too. Not funny!